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Verilator: Verilator 3.660 Released

Added by Wilson Snyder about 13 years ago

Verilator 3.660 2008/03/23

  • Add support for hard-coding VERILATOR_ROOT etc in the executables, to enable easier use of Verilator RPMs. [Gunter Dannoritzer]
  • Allow multiple .v files on command line. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Convert re-defining macro error to warning. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Add --error-limit option. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Allow __ in cell names by quoting them in C. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Fix genvar to be signed, so "< 0" works properly. [Niranjan Prabhu]
  • Fix assignments to inputs inside functions/tasks. [Patricio Kaplan]
  • Fix definitions in main file.v, referenced in library. [Stefan Thiede]
  • Fix undefined assigns to be implicit warnings. [Stefan Thiede]

Vregs: Vregs 1.450 is Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 13 years ago

Vregs 1.450 2008/01/03

  • Added vreg_latex2html program.
  • Update Latex example to use tablex and environments.
  • When HTML errors are found, report line numbers instead of char#.
  • Fix HTML::Parser missing occasional characters.
  • Fix tests under 32bit GCC 4.1.2 systems. [Bernd Weber]

SystemPerl: SystemPerl 1.282 is Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 13 years ago

  • SystemC 1.282 2008/01/02
  • Allow AUTOINOUT_MODULE to read Verilog pins.
  • Added AUTOTIEOFF to create zero assignments for all outputs.
  • Patches to support MSVC++. [John Stroebel]

Schedule::Load: Schedule::Load 3.052 is Released

Added by Wilson Snyder over 13 years ago

Schedule::Load 3.052 2007/12/03

  • All rschedule reports now have columns that expand to fit the contents.
  • Include requesting hostname in "rschedule loads".
  • Ignore, rather than exit Chooser, when reporter has bad Storable module$
  • Improve Chooser performance with 100s of hosts under heavy network load$

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