Revision History

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Revision History and Change Log

The changes in each Verilator version are described below. The contributors that suggested a given feature are shown in []. Thanks!

Verilator 5.027 devel


  • Support state-dependent constraints (#5217). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support cross-module clocking variable access (#5184). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support inline constraints for class randomization methods (#5234). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Support clocking blocks in virtual interfaces (#5235). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support `$assertcontrol` assertion_type (#5236). [Bartłomiej Chmiel, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support conditional constraints (#5245). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Add `–compiler-include` for additional C++ includes (#5139) (#5202). [Bartłomiej Chmiel, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Add `–emit-accessors` (#5182) (#5227). [Ryan Ziegler]

  • Add suggestions on misspelled PLI functions.

  • Fix fusing macro arguments to not ignore whitespace (#5061). [Tudor Timi]

  • Fix classes/modules of case-similar names (#5109). [Arkadiusz Kozdra]

  • Fix mis-removing $value$plusargs calls (#5127) (#5137). [Seth Pellegrino]

  • Fix splitting if statements with impure conditions (#5219). [Bartłomiej Chmiel, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix unknown conversion on queues (#5220). [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix top-level unpacked structure resets (#5221).

  • Fix concurrency for mailbox and semaphores (#5222). [Liam Braun]

  • Fix error on empty generate with -O0 (#5250).

  • Fix unconstrained randomization of unpacked structs (#5252). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix inlining of variables driven from forced vars (#5259). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix tracing with `–main-top-name -` (#5261). [Ethan Sifferman]

Verilator 5.026 2024-06-15


  • Support constrained randomization with external solvers (#4947). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]


  • Support `$psprintf` system function (#4314) (#5169). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support 2D dynamic array initialization (#4700) (#5122). [Valentin Atepalikhin]

  • Support __en/__out signals on top level inout ports (#4812) (#4856). [Paul Wright]

  • Support empty queue as dynarray default value (#5055). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support vpiInertialDelay (#5087). [Todd Strader]

  • Support NBAs to arrays inside loops (#5092). [Geza Lore]

  • Support parsing and otherwise ignoring inline constraints (#5126). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support `inout` clocking items (#5160). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support StructSel in unpacked array assignments (#5176). [Geza Lore]

  • Add error on zero width select (#5028).

  • Add CITATION.cff (#5057) (#5058). [Gijs Burghoorn]

  • Add VPI eval needed tracking (#5065). [Todd Strader]

  • Add `–localize-max-size` option and optimization (#5072).

  • Add parameterless assert control system tasks (#5010). [Bartłomiej Chmiel]

  • Add traceCapable indication to model header (#5053). [Vito Gamberini]

  • Add increasing of stack size when possible (#5071) (#5104). [Yinan Xu]

  • Add assertion on reusing VerilatedContext (#5167).

  • Add `–pins-sc-uint-bool` to force SystemC uint type (#5192). [Bartłomiej Chmiel, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Improve DFG regularization in cyclic graphs (#5142). [Geza Lore]

  • Improve VerilatedVpiPutHolder storage requirements (#5144). [Kaleb Barrett]

  • Fix coroutines without awaits to have a co_return (#4208) (#5175). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix missing flex include path variable (#4970) (#4971). [Christopher Taylor]

  • Fix missing parameters with comma to be errors (#4979) (#5012). [Paul Swirhun]

  • Fix ‘experimental/coroutine’ file not found on MacOS (#5030) (#5031) (#5151). [Paul Bowen-Huggett]

  • Fix bound queue printing (#5032). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix consecutive zero-delays (#5038). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix attempted to destroy locked thread pool error (#5040). [Bartłomiej Chmiel, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix `$system` with string argument (#5042).

  • Fix width extension on delays (#5043).

  • Fix `$typename` on array.min and others (#5049). [Gökçe Aydos]

  • Fix `make $(info)` which cannot be silenced (#5059). [Gökçe Aydos]

  • Fix CMake builds to export VERILATOR_ROOT (#5063). [Michael Bikovitsky]

  • Fix false ASSIGNIN on functions with explicit port map (#5069).

  • Fix 4-state value support for $readmem (#5070) (#5078). [Ethan Sifferman]

  • Fix DFG assertion with SystemC (#5076). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix `$typename` string to be more standard (#5082) (#5083). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Fix missed optimization in V3Delayed (#5089). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix macro expansion in strings per 1800-2023 (#5094). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix width extension of unpacked array select (#5095). [Varun Koyyalagunta]

  • Fix MacOS missing <type_traits> header (#5096) (#5097). [Vito Gamberini]

  • Fix assertion failure in V3Gate (#5101). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix aliases for forced port signals (#5105). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix tracing interface functions (#5108). [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix method calls parsing in constraints (#5110). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix vpiInertialDelay for memories (#5113). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix hierarchical compilation with nested -F (#5114) (#5124). [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix references to ports in forks (#5123). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix output C++ type error on change detect of I/O arrays (#5125) (#5131). [Pawel Jewstafjew]

  • Fix x-valued parameters with `–x-assign unique` (#5129). [Ethan Sifferman]

  • Fix overflow of string on VPI reads (#5145) (#5146). [Kaleb Barrett]

  • Fix VerilatedVpiPutHolder class (#5156). [Kaleb Barrett]

  • Fix extending out-of-range select (#5159) (#5164). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix radix in width warnings (#5166). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix SystemC BITS_PER_DIGIT in VL_ASSIGN_SBW (#5170). [Bartłomiej Chmiel, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix non-constant replication in concats (#5171). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix table optimization when applied on real data type (#5172) (#5173). [Arthur Rosa]

  • Fix signed types emitted in hierarchical Verilation (#5178). [Bartłomiej Chmiel, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix DPI import of null C-string (#5179).

  • Fix CMake installation missing (#5187) (#5188). [Philip Axer]

  • Fix linking with pthreads on CMake (#5194). [Tim Hutt]

  • Fix clang-17 coroutines configuration with -std=gnu++20 (#5200). [Gus Smith]

Verilator 5.024 2024-04-05


  • Add printing summary reports, use `–quiet` or `+verilator+quiet` to suppress (#4909).

  • Support 1800-2023 keywords, and parsing with UNDEFINED warnings.

  • Support 1800-2023 preprocessor ifdef expressions.


  • Change 1800-2023 to be default language version.

  • Add DFG ‘regularize’ pass, and improve variable removal (#4937). [Geza Lore]

  • Add error when pass net to function argument (#4132) (#4966). [Fuad Ismail]

  • Add `UNUSEDLOOP` when unused loop is removed (#4926). [Bartłomiej Chmiel, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Add custom version for verilator –version packaging (#4954). [Nolan Poe]

  • Add error on missing pure virtual functions (#4961).

  • Add error on calling static function without object (#4962).

  • Add JSON AST dumps (#5020). [Szymon Gizler]

  • Support 1800-2023 DPI headers, svGetTime/svgGetTimeUnit/svGetTimePrecision methods.

  • Support 1800-2023 class and function :initial, :extends, :final virtual overrides (#5025).

  • Support public packed struct / union (#860) (#4878). [Kefa Chen]

  • Support stream operation on unpacked array (#4714) (#5006). [Fuad Ismail]

  • Support implicitly-typed variable definitions in for-loop initializers (#4945) (#4986). [Kevin Nygaard]

  • Support inside range with implicit type conversion (#5026). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Improve installation to be relocatable (#4927). [Geza Lore]

  • Improve internal ordering code (#4957) (#4990) (#4994) et al. [Geza Lore]

  • Fix generate blocks in vpi_iterate (#3609) (#4913). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Fix __Vlip undefined error in –freloop (#4824). [Justin Yao Du]

  • Fix missing VPI scopes (#4918). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Fix invalid cast on string structure creation (#4921).

  • Fix try-lock spuriously fails (#4931) (#4938). [Kamil Rakoczy]

  • Fix V3Unknown unpacked struct x-assign (#4934). [Yan Xu]

  • Fix DFG removing forceable signals (#4942). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix null characters in shortened identifiers (#4946). [Abdul Hameed]

  • Fix assignment of null into struct member (#4952).

  • Fix VPI missing scopes 2 (#4965). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Fix object assignment from conditionals (#4968).

  • Fix GCC14 warnings on template specialization syntax (#4974) (#4975). [Nolan Poe]

  • Fix unpacked structure upper bit cleaning (#4978).

  • Fix tests on MacOS (#4984) (#4985). [Kevin Nygaard]

  • Fix `–prof-exec` predicted time values (#4988). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix class type as an associative array parameter (#4997).

  • Fix inout ports of unpacked struct type (#5000). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix `unique {}` constraints missing semicolon (#5001).

  • Fix preprocessor to respect strings in joins (#5007).

  • Fix tracing class parameters (#5014).

  • Fix memory leaks (#5016). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix $readmem with missing newline (#5019). [Josse Van Delm]

  • Fix internal error on missing pattern key (#5023).

  • Fix tracing replicated hierarchical models (#5027).

Verilator 5.022 2024-02-24


  • Add predicted stack overflow warning (#4799).

  • Add `+verilator+coverage+file` runtime option.

  • Add `–assert-case` option (#4919). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Add `–decorations node` for inserting debug comments into emitted code.

  • Add `–json-only` and related JSON dumping (#4715) (#4831). [Szymon Gizler, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Add `–[no]-stop-fail` option for continuing after assertions (#4904). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Add `–runtime-debug` for Verilated executable runtime debugging.

  • Add `–valgrind` switch (#4828). [Szymon Gizler]

  • Add `unroll_disable` and `unroll_full` loop control metacomments (#3260). [Jiaxun Yang]

  • Remove deprecated 32-bit pointer mode (`gcc -m32`).

  • Deprecate –xml-only and XML dumping (#4715) (#4831).

  • Change zero replication width error to ZEROREPL warning (#4753) (#4762). [Pengcheng Xu]

  • Improve message for priority case assertion failure (#4905). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Support dumping coverage with `–main`.

  • Support dumping DFG patterns with `–stats` (#4889). [Geza Lore]

  • Support `vpiConstType` in `vpi_get_str()` (#4797). [Marlon James]

  • Support SystemC 3.0.0 public review version (#4805) (#4807). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Support parsing anonymous primitive instantiations (#4809). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix to not emit already waived warnings in waiver output (#4574) (#4818). [Jonathan Schröter]

  • Fix `this` in member initialization (#4710). [eliasphanna]

  • Fix localparam elaboration (#3858) (#4794). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Fix lint_off disables on preprocessor warnings (#4703). [Srinivasan Venkataramanan]

  • Fix $time not rounding up (#4790) (#4792). [Paul Wright]

  • Fix `vpi_get()` and `vpi_get64()` to return vpiUndefined on errors (#4795). [Marlon James]

  • Fix VPI parameter iteration (#4798). [Marlon James]

  • Fix delays using wrong timeunit when modules inlined (#4806). [Paul Wright]

  • Fix warnings in verilated_sc_trace.h for Clang. (#4807) (#4827). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix null pointer dereference (#4810) (#4825). [Adrian Sampson]

  • Fix compilation error on multi-inherited interface class usage (#4819).

  • Fix maybe-uninitialized compiler warning (#4820) (#4822). [Larry Doolittle]

  • Fix mis-splitting of dump control functions (#4821). [Fan Shupei]

  • Fix wrong utimes() parameter (#4829). [Szymon Gizler]

  • Fix incorrect bit-op-tree NOT optimization (#4832) (#4847). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix width calculation in replaceShiftOp (#4837) (#4841) (#4849). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix unsafe write in wide array insertion (#4850) (#4855). [Paul Swirhun]

  • Fix NOT when checking EQ/NEQ under AND/OR tree (#4857) (#4863). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix tracing chandles (#4860). [Nathan Graybeal]

  • Fix $fwrite of null (#4862). [Jose Tejada]

  • Fix -fno-const-bit-op-tree wrong runtime result (#4864) (#4867). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix SystemC biguint sign desynchronization (#4870). [Bartłomiej Chmiel]

  • Fix incorrect temporary insertion in loop conditions with statements (#4873). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix timing with expr on assign LHS (#4880). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix assertion for unique case (#4892). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix GCC tautological-compare warnings.

  • Fix compile error on structs with queues (and ignore toggle coverage on queues).

  • Fix toggle coverage error on multi-edge driven signals.

  • Fix whitespace in `pragma protect version` (#4902) (#4914). [Paul Swirhun]

  • Fix incorrect code generation for change expression on typedefed unpacked array (#4915). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix inconsistent driver resolution with typedefs (#4917). [Geza Lore]

Verilator 5.020 2024-01-01


  • Support compilation with precompiled headers with Make, and GCC or CLang.

  • Change include to systemc instead of systemc.h (#4622) (#4623). [Chih-Mao Chen] This may require that SystemC programs add ‘using namespace sc_core’, ‘using namespace sc_dt’.


  • Add devcontainer support (#4748). [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Support `iff` in sensitivity list (#1482) (#4626). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support parameterized virtual interfaces (#4047) (#4743). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support –timing triggers for virtual interfaces (#4673). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support ccache when compiling Verilator with CMake (#4678). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Support passing constraints to –xml-only output (still otherwise unsupported) (#4683). [Shahid Ikram]

  • Support node memory usage information in –stats (#4684). [Geza Lore]

  • Support vpiConstType in vpi_get() (#4761). [Todd Strader]

  • Support vpi_iterate on packages with vpiInstance (#4726). [Todd Strader]

  • Support multiple parameters in virtual interfaces (#4745). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support user C/C++ code in final archive, and make a lib{model}.a (#4749) (#4754). [Fan Shupei]

  • Support inside operator on unpacked arrays and queues (#4751). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support VPI parameter iteration (#4765). [Todd Strader]

  • Support packages in vpi_handle_by_name() (#4768). [Todd Strader]

  • Support invoking interface methods on virtual interface variables (#4774) (#4775). [Jordan McConnon]

  • Remove deprecated options (#4663). [Geza Lore]

  • Remove older compiler support; require C++14 or newer (#4784) (#4786).

  • Optimize timing-delayed queue (#4584). [qrqiuren]

  • Optimize substitute optimization memory usage (#4687). [Geza Lore]

  • Optimize wide primitive operations with -Oz (#4733). [Geza Lore]

  • Optimize V3Premit performance etc. (#4736). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix VPI TOP level variable iteration (#3919) (#4618). [Marlon James]

  • Fix display with no % printing assoc array (#4376). [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix scheduling of external force signals (#4577) (#4668). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix a memory leak in V3Fork (#4628). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix linking parameterized hierarchical blocks and recursive hierarchical blocks (#4654). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix identifiers that end with ‘_’ on Windows (#4655). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix ‘for’ loop with outside variable reference (#4660). [David Harris]

  • Fix tracing FST enums (#4661) (#4756). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix interface parameters used in loop generate constructs (#4664) (#4665). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix C++20 compilation errors (#4670).

  • Fix deadlocks in error handler (#4672). [Mariusz Glebocki, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix MingW compilation (#4675). [David Ledger]

  • Fix trace when using SystemC with certain configurations (#4676). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix range access to classes depending on parameter resolution (#4681). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix select into constant And/Or/Xor pattern (#4689). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix access type of function arguments (#4692) (#4694). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix dynamic NBAs with automatic vars (#4696). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix # 0 delays for process resumption, etc. (#4697). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix conflicted namespace for coroutines (#4701) (#4707). [Jinyan Xu]

  • Fix compilers seeing empty input due to file system races (#4708). [Flavien Solt]

  • Fix shift of > 32-bit number (#4719). [Flavien Solt]

  • Fix Windows include gates in filesystem Flush implementation. (#4720). [William D. Jones]

  • Fix power operator with wide numbers and constants (#4721) (#4763). [Flavien Solt]

  • Fix parameter passing to ports (#4723). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix block names of nested do..while loops (#4728). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix class name in error on ‘new’ on virtual class (#4739). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix typedefs pointing to parameterized classes (#4747). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix $finish twice to no longer exit (#4757). [Tim Hutt]

  • Fix dynamic NBA conditions (#4773). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix `V3Fork` stage to run only if `–timing` is set (#4778). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix max multiply width and add runtime assertions if too small. (#4781)

  • Fix select value too wide (#5148) (#5153). [Dercury]

Verilator 5.018 2023-10-30


  • Support compilation with precompiled headers with Make and GCC or CLang.

  • Change include of systemc instead of systemc.h (#4622) (#4623). [Chih-Mao Chen] This may require that SystemC programs add ‘using namespace sc_core’, ‘using namespace sc_dt’.


  • Add SIDEEFFECT warning on mishandled side effect cases.

  • Add trace() API even when Verilated without –trace (#4462). [phelter]

  • Add warning on interface instantiation without parens (#4094). [Gökçe Aydos]

  • Add sv_vpi_user.h from IEEE 1800-2017 Annex M (#4606). [Marlon James]

  • Support ‘disable fork’ (#4125) (#4569). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support ‘wait fork’ (#4586). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support ‘randc’ (#4349).

  • Support assigning events (#4403). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Support resizing function call inout arguments (#4467).

  • Support NBAs in non-inlined functions/tasks (#4496) (#4572). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Support converting parameters inside modules to localparams (#4511). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Support concatenation of unpacked arrays (#4558). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Support Clang 16 (#4592). [Mariusz Glebocki]

  • Support VPI variables of real and string data types (#4594). [Marlon James]

  • Support making VL_LOCK_SPINS configurable (#4599). [Geza Lore]

  • Change code –stats output (#4597). [Geza Lore]

  • Change –prof-exec infrastructure and report (#4602). [Geza Lore]

  • Change lint_off to not propagate upwards to files including where the lint_off is.

  • Optimize empty expression statements (#4544).

  • Optimize trace internals (#4610) (#4612). [Geza Lore]

  • Optimize internal performance issues (#4638). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix conversion of impure logical expressions to bit expressions (#487 partial) (#4437). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix enum functions in localparams (#3999). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Fix passing arguments by reference (#3385 partial) (#4489). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix multithreading handling to separate by code units that use/never use it (#4228). [Mariusz Glebocki, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix usage of annotation options (#4486) (#4504). [Michal Czyz]

  • Fix detecting local vars in nested forks (#4493) (#4506). [Kamil Rakoczy]

  • Fix handling input file path separator (#4515) (#4516). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix mis-support for parameterized UDPs (#4518). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix constant conversion of $realtobits, $bitstoreal (#4522). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Fix conversion of integers in $display ‘%e’ (#4528). [muzafferkal]

  • Fix non-inlined interface tracing (#3984) (#4530). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix stream operations with operands of struct type (#4531) (#4532). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix ‘this’ in a constructor (#4533). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix stream shift operator of 32 bits (#4536). [Julien Faucher]

  • Fix object destruction after a copy constructor (#4540) (#4541). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix inlining of real functions miscasting (#4543). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Fix broken link error for enum references (#4551). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix logical expressions with class objects - caching in v3Const (#4552). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix using functions/tasks following class definition inside module (#4553). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix large constant buffer overflow (#4556). [Varun Koyyalagunta]

  • Fix instance arrays connecting to array of structs (#4557). [raphmaster]

  • Fix error message for invalid parameter overrides (#4559). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix shift to remove operation side effects (#4563).

  • Fix compile warning on unused member function variable (#4567).

  • Fix method narrowing conversion compiler error (#4568).

  • Fix interface comparison (#4570). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix dynamic triggers for named events (#4571). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix dictionaries with keys of class types (#4576). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix to not remap local assign intervals in forks (#4583). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix display optimization ignoring side effects (#4585).

  • Fix PLI/DPI user defined system task/function grammar (#4587) (#4588). [Quentin Corradi]

  • Fix fault on empty clocking block (#4593). [Alex Mykyta]

  • Fix creating implicit nets for inputs of gate primitives (#4603). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix try_put method of unbounded mailbox (#4608). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix stable name generation in V3Fork (#4615) (#4624). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix virtual methods (#4616). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix insertion at queue end (#4619). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix rand fields of reference types (#4627). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix dynamic casts of null values (#4631). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix signals read via virtual interfaces being misoptimized (#4645). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix handling of static keyword in methods (#4649). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd.]

  • Fix preprocessor to show `line 2 on resumed file.

Verilator 5.016 2023-09-16


  • Add prepareClone and atClone APIs for Verilated models (#3503) (#4444). [Yinan Xu]

  • Add check for conflicting options e.g. binary and lint-only (#4409). [Ethan Sifferman]

  • Add –no-trace-top to not trace top signals (#4412) (#4422). [Frans Skarman]

  • Support recursive function calls (#3267).

  • Support assignments of packed values to stream expressions on queues (#4401). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support no-parentheses calls to static methods (#4432). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Support block_item_declaration in forks (#4455). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Support assignments of stream expressions on queues to packed values (#4458). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support function non-constant default arguments (#4470).

  • Support ‘let’.

  • Optimize Verilator executable size by refactoring error reporting routines (#4446). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Optimize Verilation runtime pointers and graphs (#4396) (#4397) (#4398). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Optimize preparations towards multithreaded Verilation (#4291) (#4463) (#4476) (#4477) (#4479). [Kamil Rakoczy, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix Windows filename format, etc (#3873) (#4421). [Anthony Donlon].

  • Fix t_dist_cppstyle Perl performance issue (#4085). [Srinivasan Venkataramanan]

  • Fix using type in parameterized classes without #() (#4281) (#4440). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix false INFINITELOOP on forever..mailbox.get() (#4323). [Srinivasan Venkataramanan]

  • Fix data type of condition operation on class objects (#4345) (#4352). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix variables mutated under fork..join_none/join_any blocks into anonymous objects (#4356). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix V3CUse, do not consider implementations (.cpp) at all (#4386). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix ++/– under statements (#4399). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix detection of mixed blocking and nonblocking assignment in nested assignments (#4404). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix jumping over object initialization (#4411). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix multiple issues towards short circuit support (#4413) (#4460). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix variable lifetimes in extern methods (#4414). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix multiple function definitions in V3Sched (#4416). [Hennadii Chernyshchyk]

  • Fix false UNUSEDPARAM on generate localparam (#4427). [Bill Pringlemeir]

  • Fix checking for parameter and port connections in the wrong place (#4428). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix coroutine handle movement during queue manipulation (#4431). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix nested assignments on the LHS (#4435). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix false MULTITOP on bound interfaces (#4438). [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix internal error on real conversion (#4447). [vdhotre-ventana]

  • Fix lifetime unknown error on (#4448). [jwoutersymatra]

  • Fix unstable output of VHashSha256 (#4453). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix static cast from a stream type (#4469) (#4485). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix error on enum with VARHIDDEN of cell (#4482). [Michail Rontionov]

  • Fix lint of case statements with enum and wildcard bits (#4464) (#4487). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Fix reference to extended class in parameterized class (#4466).

  • Fix recursive display causing segfault (#4480). [Kuoping Hsu]

  • Fix the error message when the type of ref argument is wrong (#4490). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix display %x formatting of real.

  • Fix mis-warning on #() in classes’ own functions.

  • Fix IGNOREDRETURN to not warn on void-cast static function calls.

  • Fix ZERODLY to not warn on ‘wait(0)’.

Verilator 5.014 2023-08-06


  • Deprecation planned for 32-bit pointer -m32 mode (#4268).

  • Deprecate CMake config below version 3.13 (#4389) (#4390). [Vito Gamberini]

  • Support some stream operations on queues (#4292). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support property declaration with empty parentheses (#4313) (#4317). [Anthony Donlon]

  • Support locator methods with “with” on assoc arrays (#4335). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support string replication with variable (#4341). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support more types in wait (#4374). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support static method calls as default values of function arguments (#4378). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Add GENUNNAMED lint warning. [Srinivasan Venkataramanan, Deepa Palaniappan]

  • Add MISINDENT lint warning for misleading indentation.

  • Fix ‘VlForkSync’ redeclaration (#4277). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix processes that can outlive their parents (#4253). [Krzysztof Boronski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix duplicate fork names (#4295). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix splitting coroutines (#4297) (#4307). [Jiamin Zhu]

  • Fix error when multiple duplicate DPI exports (#4301).

  • Fix class reference assignment checking (#4296). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix handling of ref types in initial values of type parameters (#4304). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix comparison of string parameters (#4308). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix state update for always processes (#4311). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix multiple edge timing controls in class methods (#4318) (#4320) (#4344). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix implicit calls of base class constructors with optional arguments (#4319). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix propagation of process requirement (#4321). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix unhandled overloads in V3InstrCount (#4324). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix selects of static members (#4326). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix references to members of results of static methods (#4327). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix unique..with method on queues of class objects (#4328). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix queue slicing (#4329). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix wildcard referring types (#4336) (#4342). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix comparison of class objects (#4346). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix unexpected RefDType on assoc arrays (#4337). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix cmake astgen for Rocky Linux 8.7 (#4343). [Julian Daube]

  • Fix class timescale in class packages (#4348). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix string concatenations (#4354). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix unlinked task error from broken context (#4355) (#4402). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix selects on unpacked structs (#4359). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix select operation on assoc array with wide keys (#4360). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix non-public methods with wide output (#4364). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix handling of calls (#4366). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix assign to input var in methods (#4367). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix VlProcess not found (#4368). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix order of evaluation of function calls in statements (#4375). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix config_build.h issues (#4380) (#4381). [Andrew Miloradovsky]

Verilator 5.012 2023-06-13


  • With -j or –build-jobs, multithread Verilator’s emit phase of Verilation. [Kamil Rakoczy, Antmicro Ltd] Additional Verilator-internal stages will become multithreaded over time.


  • Add –main-top-name option for C main TOP name (#4235) (#4249). [Don Williamson]

  • Add creating __inputs.vpp file with –debug (#4177). [Tudor Timi]

  • Add NEWERSTD warning when using feature in newer language standard (#4168) (#4172). [Ethan Sifferman]

  • Add warning that timing controls in DPI exports are unsupported (#4238). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support std::process class (#4212). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support inside expressions with strings and doubles (#4138) (#4139). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Support get_randstate/set_randstate class method functions.

  • Support for condition operator on class objects (#4214). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support array max (#4275). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Optimize VPI callValueCbs (#4155). [Hennadii Chernyshchyk]

  • Configure for faster C++ linking using ‘mold’, if it is installed.

  • Fix crash on duplicate imported modules (#3231). [Robert Balas]

  • Fix false WIDTHEXPAND on array declarations (#3959). [Jose Tejada]

  • Fix marking overridden methods as coroutines (#4120) (#4169). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix SystemC signal copy macro use (#4135). [Josep Sans]

  • Fix duplicate static names in blocks in functions (#4144) (#4160). [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Fix initialization order of initial static after function/task (#4159). [Kamil Rakoczy, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix linking AstRefDType if it has parameterized class ref (#4164) (#4170). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix crash caused by $display() optimization (#4165) (#4166). [Tudor Timi]

  • Fix arrays of unpacked structs (#4173). [Risto Pejašinović]

  • Fix $fscanf of decimals overflowing variables (#4174). [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]

  • Fix missing data type (#4147). [Tudor Timi]

  • Fix missing class forward declarations (#4151). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix hashes of instances of parameterized classes (#4182). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix forced assignments that override non-continuous assignments (#4183) (#4192). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix wide structure VL_TOSTRING_W generation (#4188) (#4189). [Aylon Chaim Porat]

  • Fix references to members of parameterized base classes (#4196). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix tracing undefined alignment (#4201) (#4288) [John Wehle]

  • Fix class specific same methods for AstVarScope, AstVar, and AstScope (#4203) (#4250). [John Wehle]

  • Fix dotted references in parameterized classes (#4206). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix bit selections under parameterized classes (#4210). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix duplicate std:: declaration with -I (#4215). [Harald Pretl]

  • Fix deep traversal of class inheritance timing (#4216). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix class parameters of enum types (#4219). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix static methods with prototypes (#4220). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix LATCH warning on function local variables (#4221) (#4284) [Julien Margetts]

  • Fix VCD scope types (#4227) (#4282). [Àlex Torregrosa]

  • Fix incorrect multi-driven lint warning (#4231) (#4248). [Adrien Le Masle]

  • Fix missing assignment for wide unpacked structs (#4233). [Jiamin Zhu]

  • Fix unpacked struct == and != operators (#4234) (#4240). [Risto Pejašinović]

  • Fix AstStructSel clean when data type is structure (#4241) (#4244). [Risto Pejašinović]

  • Fix function calls in with statements (#4245). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix operator == for unpacked struct, if elements are VlUnpacked arrays (#4247). [Risto Pejašinović]

  • Fix STATIC lifetime for variables created from clocking items (#4262). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix names of foreach blocks (#4264). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix iterated variables in foreach loops to have VAUTOM lifetimes (#4265). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix missing assignment for wide class members (#4267). [Jiamin Zhu]

  • Fix the global uses timing flag when forks exist (#4274). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix struct redefinition (#4276). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix detection of wire/reg duplicates.

  • Fix false IMPLICITSTATIC on package functions.

  • Fix method calls on function return values.

Verilator 5.010 2023-04-30


  • Add –public-depth to force public to a certain instance depth (#3952). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Add –public-params flag (#3990). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Add CONSTRAINTIGN warning when constraint ignored.

  • Add STATICVAR warning and convert to automatic (#4018) (#4027) (#4030). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Add error if class types don’t match (#4064). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support class extends of package::class.

  • Support class srandom and class random stability.

  • Support class method calls without parenthesis (#3902) (#4082). [Srinivasan Venkataramanan]

  • Support method calls without parenthesis (#4034). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support parameterized return types of methods (#4122). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support parameterized class references in extends statement (#4146). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support complicated IEEE ‘for’ assignments.

  • Support $fopen as an expression.

  • Support ++/– on dotted member variables.

  • Optimize static trigger evaluation (#4142). [Geza Lore, X-EPIC]

  • Optimize more xor trees (#4071). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Change range order warning from LITENDIAN to ASCRANGE (#4010). [Iztok Jeras]

  • Change ZERODLY to a warning.

  • Fix random internal crashes (#666). [Dag Lem]

  • Fix install, standardization in cmake CMakeLists.txt (#3974). [Yu-Sheng Lin]

  • Fix UNDRIVEN warning seg fault (#3989). [Felix Neumärker]

  • Fix symbol entries when inheriting classes (#3995) (#3996). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix event controls reusing same variable (#4014). Kamil Rakoczy <>

  • Fix push to dynamic queue in struct (#4015). [ezchi]

  • Fix names for blocks in do..while loop (#4019). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix randomize on null field (#4023). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix rand fields in base classes (#4025). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix large return blocks with –comp-limit-blocks (#4028). [tenghtt]

  • Fix clocking block scope internal error (#4032). [Srinivasan Venkataramanan]

  • Fix false LATCH warning on –assert ‘unique else if’ (#4033) ($4054). [Jesse Taube]

  • Fix characters from DEFENV literals for Conda (#4035) (#4044). [Tim Snyder]

  • Fix info message prints under –assert (#4036) (#4053). [Srinivasan Venkataramanan]

  • Fix C++ compile errors when passing class refs as task argument (#4063). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix NBAs inside fork-joins (#4050). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix task calls as fork statements (#4055). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix _Vilp used before declaration (#4057) (#4062). [Josep Sans]

  • Fix incorrect optimization of bit op tree (#4059) (#4070). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix parameters in a class body to be localparam (#4061). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix interface generate begin (#4065). [Srinivasan Venkataramanan]

  • Fix tracing with awaits at end of block (#4075) (#4076). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix sense expression variable naming (#4081). [Kamil Rakoczy]

  • Fix importing symbols from base class (#4084). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix false error on new const assignment (#4098). [Tudor Timi]

  • Fix unpacked structs under classes (#4102). [Tudor Timi]

  • Fix variables in class methods to be automatic (#4111) (#4137). [Peter Monsson]

  • Fix to use parallel build for projects with a lot of files (#4116). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix including __Syms header in generated C++ files (#4123). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix systemc namespace issues (#4126) (#4127). [Eyck Jentzsch]

  • Fix class param extends A=B (#4128). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix missing begin block hierarchy in –xml-only cells section (#4129) (#4133). [Risto Pejašinović]

  • Fix resolution of class lvalues after parameterization (#4131). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Fix DFG error on $countbits (#4101) (#4143). [Paul Donahue]

  • Fix duplicating parameter class types (#4115). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix class extend param references (#4136). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix -CFLAGS to allow overriding optimization levels (#4140). [Peter Monsson]

  • Fix DPI function type alias (#4148) (#4149). [Toru Niina]

  • Fix deleting unused parameterized classes (#4150). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix false ENUMVALUE on expressions and arrays.

  • Fix unnecessary waivers in –waiver-output.

Verilator 5.008 2023-03-04


  • Add –annotate-points option, change multipoint on line reporting (#3876). [Nassim Corteggiani]

  • Add –verilate-jobs option (#3889). [Kamil Rakoczy, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Add WIDTHEXPAND and WIDTHTRUNC warnings to replace WIDTH (#3900). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Add SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for docs/guide/ (#3918). [Larry Doolittle]

  • Add /verilator public[flat|flat_rd|flat_rw| ]/ metacomments (#3894). [Joseph Nwabueze]

  • Add lint warning on always_comb multidriven (#3888) (#3939). [Adam Bagley]

  • Add warning on ++/– over expressions with potential side effects (#3976). [Krzysztof Boroński]

  • Add error on mixing .name and by-port instantiations.

  • Removed deprecated –cdc option.

  • Support unpacked unions.

  • Support interface classes and class implements.

  • Support global clocking and $global_clock.

  • Support class parameters without initial values.

  • Support cast to numbers from strings.

  • Support struct I/O in –lib-create (#3378) (#3892). [Varun Koyyalagunta]

  • Support function calls without parenthesis (#3903) (#3902). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support class extending its parameter (#3904). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support static function variables (#3830). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support recursive methods (#3987). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix real parameters of infinity and NaN.

  • Fix pattern assignment to unpacked structs (#3510). [Mostafa Garnal]

  • Fix single-element replication to dynarray/unpacked/queue (#3548). [Gustav Svensk]

  • Fix constant enum methods (#3621). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix inconsistent naming of generate scope arrays (#3840). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Fix namespace fallback resolution (#3863) (#3942). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix std:: to be parsed first (#3864) (#3928). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix cmake warning if multiple SOURCES w/o PREFIX (#3916) (#3927). [Yoda Lee]

  • Fix parameterized class function linkage (#3917). [Ryszard Rozak]

  • Fix static members of type aliases of a parameterized class (#3922). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix class extend parameter dot case (#3926). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix MsWin missing directory exception, and ::std (#3928) (#3933) (#3935). [Kritik Bhimani]

  • Fix very long VPI signal names (#3929). [Marlon James]

  • Fix VPI upper interface scopes not found (#3937). [David Stanford]

  • Fix virus detection false positive (#3944). [Stuart Morris]

  • Fix constant string function assignment (#3945). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix constant format field widths (#3946). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix class field linking when a super classes is a param (#3949). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix CMake bad C identifiers (#3948) (#3951). [Zixi Li]

  • Fix build on HP PA architecture (#3954). [John David Anglin]

  • Fix date on the front page of verilator.pdf (#3956) (#3957). [Larry Doolittle]

  • Fix associative arrays declared with ref type (#3960). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix missing error on negative replicate (#3963). [Benjamin Menküc]

  • Fix self references to parameterized classes (#3962). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix LITENDIAN warning is backwards (#3966) (#3967). [Cameron Kirk]

  • Fix subsequent parameter declarations (#3969). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix timing delays to not truncate below 64 bits (#3973) (#3982). [Felix Neumärker]

  • Fix cmake on MacOS to mark weak symbols with -U linker flag (#3978) (#3979). [Peter Debacker]

  • Fix UNDRIVEN warning seg fault (#3989). [Felix Neumärker]

  • Fix coverage of class methods (#3998). [Tim Paine]

  • Fix packed array structure replication.

  • Fix and enum.prev(0).

Verilator 5.006 2023-01-22


  • Support clocking blocks (#3674). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support unpacked structs (#3802). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support Windows-native builds using cmake (#3814). [Kritik Bhimani]

  • Support p format for UnpackArray (#3877). [Aleksander Kiryk, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support property calls without parenthesis (#3879) (#3893). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support import/export lists in modport (#3886). [Gökçe Aydos]

  • Support class queue equality (#3895). [Ilya Barkov]

  • Support type case and type equality comparisons.

  • Add IMPLICITSTATIC warning when a task/function is implicitly static (#3839). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Add VL_VALUE_STRING_MAX_WORDS override (#3869). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Optimize expansion of extend operators.

  • Internal multithreading tests. [Mariusz Glebocki, et al, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix VPI one-time timed callbacks (#2778). [Marlon James, et al]

  • Fix initiation of function variables (#3815). [Dan Gisselquist]

  • Fix to zero possibly uninitialized bits in replications (#3815).

  • Fix crash in DFT due to width use after free (#3817) (#3820). [Jevin Sweval]

  • Fix signed/unsigned comparison compile warning (#3822). [Kamil Rakoczy]

  • Fix OS-X weak symbols with -U linker flag (#3823). [Jevin Sweval]

  • Fix wrong bit op tree optimization (#3824) (#3825). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix self references when param class instantiated (#3833). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix memory leak in V3Sched, etc. (#3834). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix compatibility with musl libc / Alpine Linux (#3845). [Sören Tempel]

  • Fix empty case items crash (#3851). [Rich Porter]

  • Fix VL_CPU_RELAX on MIPS/Armel/s390/sparc (#3843) (#3891). [Kamil Rakoczy]

  • Fix module parameter name collision (#3854) (#3855). [James Shi]

  • Fix unpacked array expansion (#3861). [Joey Liu]

  • Fix signed/unsigned parameter types (#3866). [James Shi]

  • Fix chain call of abstract class constructor (#3868) (#3883). [Ilya Barkov]

  • Fix to use same std in Verilator and Verilated compile (#3881). [Kamil Rakoczy, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix foreach unnamedblk duplicate error (#3885). [Ilya Barkov]

  • Fix elaboration of member selected classes (#3890). [Ilya Barkov]

  • Fix mismatched widths in DFG (#3872). [Geza Lore, Yike Zhou]

  • Fix lint for non-integral types in packed structs.

  • Fix generate case with empty body statements.

Verilator 5.004 2022-12-14


  • Support named properties (#3667). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Add ENUMVALUE warning when value misused for enum (#726) (#3777) (#3783).

  • Deprecate –no-threads; use –threads 1 for single threaded (#3703). [Kamil Rakoczy, Antmicro Ltd]


  • Support std::semaphore and typed std::mailbox (#3708). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support ‘with’ in unique, unique_index, min, max in queues (#3772). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support events in VCD/FST traces (#3759). [Yves Mathieu]

  • Support foreach loops on strings (#3760). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support member selects in with clauses (#3775). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support calls (#3789). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support randcase.

  • Support pre_randomize and post_randomize.

  • Support $timeunit and $timeprecision.

  • Support assignment expressions.

  • Change ENDLABEL from warning into an error.

  • Internal AST improvements, also affect XML format (#3721). [Geza Lore]

  • Deprecate verilated_fst_sc.cpp and verilated_vcd_sc.cpp.

  • Disable stack size limit (#3706) (#3751). [Mariusz Glebocki]

  • Add error when use –exe with –lib-create (#3785). [Yinan Xu]

  • Fix jump handling in do while loops (#3731). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix ‘with’ clause handling in functions (#3739). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix CONTEXT compile error on MingW (#3741). [William D. Jones]

  • Fix MSVC compiler errors (#3742) (#3746). [Kritik Bhimani]

  • Fix CASEINCOMPLETE when covers all enum values (#3745) (#3782). [Guy-Armand Kamendje]

  • Fix return type of $countbits functions to int (#3725). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix timing control in while-break loops (#3733) (#3769). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix return in constructors (#3734). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix missing UNUSED warnings with –coverage (#3736). [alejandro-castro-ortegon]

  • Fix tracing parameters overridden with -G (#3723). [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix folding of LogAnd with non-bool operands (#3726). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix DFG optimization issues (#3740) (#3771). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix pre/postincrement operations (#3744) (#3756). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix cross-compile for MingW, Arm and RISC-V (#3752). [Miodrag Milanović]

  • Fix $unit as base package for other packages (#3755). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix make jobserver with submakes (#3758). [Gus Smith]

  • Fix to escape VERILATOR_ROOT file paths (#3764) (#3765). [Jiacheng Qian]

  • Fix empty string literals converting to string types (#3774). [miree]

  • Fix to remove $date from .vcd files (#3779). [Larry Doolittle]

  • Fix missing user objects in –lib-create mode (#3780) (#3784). [Yinan Xu]

  • Fix non-blocking assignments in forks (#3781) (#3800). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix forks without any delayed statements (#3792) (#3801). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix internal error in bit op tree optimization (#3793). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix lint_off EOFNEWLINE in .vlt files (#3796). [Andrew Nolte]

  • Fix wait 0.

  • Fix comparing ranged slices of unpacked arrays.

Verilator 5.002 2022-10-29


  • This is a major new release.

  • Require C++20 for the new –timing features. Upgrading to a C++20 or newer compiler is strongly recommended.

  • Support the Active and NBA scheduling regions as defined by the SystemVerilog standard (IEEE 1800-2017 chapter 4). This means all generated clocks are now simulated correctly (#3278, #3384). [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Support timing controls (delays, event controls in any location, wait statements) and forks. [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd] This may require adding –timing or –no-timing. See docs for details.

  • Introduce a new combinational logic optimizer (DFG), that can yield significant performance improvements on some designs. [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Add –binary option as alias of –main –exe –build –timing (#3625). For designs where C++ was only used to make a simple no-I/O testbench, we recommend abandoning that C++, and instead letting Verilator build it with –binary (or –main).


  • Split UNUSED warning into genvar, param, and signal warnings (#3607). [Topa Topino]

  • Support standalone ‘this’ in classes (#2594) (#3248) (#3675). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support tristate select/extend (#3604). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd>

  • Support linting for top module interfaces (#3635). [Kanad Kanhere]

  • Support virtual interfaces (#3654). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support class type params without defaults (#3693). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support empty generate_regions (#3695). [mpb27]

  • Support access to constructs inside type parameters (#3702). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Add –dump-tree-dot to enable dumping Ast Tree .dot files (#3636). [Marcel Chang]

  • Add –get-supported to determine what features are in Verilator.

  • Add error on real edge event control.

  • Fix false LATCH warning on ‘unique if’ (#3088). [Rachit Nigam]

  • Fix cell assigning integer array parameters (#3299). [Michael Platzer]

  • Fix LSB error on –hierarchical submodules (#3539). [danbone]

  • Fix $display of fixed-width numbers (#3565). [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix foreach and pre/post increment in functions (#3613). [Nandu Raj]

  • Fix linker errors in user-facing timing functions (#3657). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix null access on optimized-out fork statements (#3658). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix VPI inline module naming mismatch (#3690) (#3694). [Jiuyang Liu]

  • Fix deadlock in timeprecision when using SystemC (#3707). [Kamil Rakoczy, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix width mismatch on inside operator (#3714). [Àlex Torregrosa]

Verilator 4.228 2022-10-01


  • The next release is anticipated to premiere Verilator Version 5. Please consider beta-testing the github ‘develop-v5’ branch, which will soon merge into the github ‘master’ branch (#3383).


  • Support some IEEE signal strengths (#3601) (#3629). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Add –main to generate main() C++ (previously was experimental only).

  • Add –build-jobs, and rework arguments for -j (#3623). [Kamil Rakoczy]

  • Rename –bin to –build-dep-bin.

  • Rename debug flags –dumpi-tree, –dumpi-graph, etc. [Geza Lore]

  • Fix thread safety in SystemC VL_ASSIGN_SBW/WSB (#3494) (#3513). [Mladen Slijepcevic]

  • Fix crash in gate optimization of circular logic (#3543). [Bill Flynn]

  • Fix arguments in non-static method call (#3547) (#3582). [Gustav Svensk]

  • Fix default –mod-prefix when –prefix is repeated (#3603). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix calling trace() after open() segfault (#3610) (#3627). [Yu-Sheng Lin]

  • Fix typedef’ed class conversion to Boolean (#3616). [Aleksander Kiryk]

  • Fix Verilation speed when disabled warnings (#3632). [Kamil Rakoczy, Antmicro Ltd]

Verilator 4.226 2022-08-31


  • Add –future0 and –future1 options.

  • Support class parameters (#2231) (#3541). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support wildcard index associative arrays (#3501). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Support negated properties (#3572). [Aleksander Kiryk]

  • Support $test$plusargs(expr) (#3489).

  • Rename trace rolloverSize() (#3570).

  • Improve Verilation speed with –threads on large designs. [Geza Lore]

  • Improve Verilation memory by reducing V3Number (#3521). [Mariusz Glebocki, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix struct pattern assignment (#2328) (#3517). [Mostafa Gamal]

  • Fix public combo propagation issues (#2905). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix incorrect tristate logic (#3399) [shareefj, Vighnesh Iyer]

  • Fix incorrect bit op tree optimization (#3470). [algrobman]

  • Fix bisonpre for MSYS2 (#3471).

  • Fix max memory usage (#3483). [Kamil Rakoczy, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix empty string arguments to display (#3484). [Grulfen]

  • Fix table optimizing away display (#3488). [Stefan Post]

  • Fix unique_ptr memory header for MinGW64 (#3493).

  • Fix $dump system task with –output-split-cfuncs (#3495) (#3497). [Varun Koyyalagunta]

  • Fix wrong bit op tree optimization (#3509). [Nathan Graybeal]

  • Fix nested default assignment for struct pattern (#3511) (#3524). [Mostafa Gamal]

  • Fix sformat string incorrectly cleared (#3515) (#3519). [Gustav Svensk]

  • Fix segfault exporting non-existent package (#3535).

  • Fix void-cast queue pop_front or pop_back (#3542) (#3364). [Drew Ranck]

  • Fix case statement comparing string literal (#3544). [Gustav Svensk]

  • Fix === with some tristate constants (#3551). [Ryszard Rozak, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix converting classes to string (#3552). [Arkadiusz Kozdra, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix –hierarchical with order-based pin connections (#3583) (#3585). [Kelin9298]

Verilator 4.224 2022-06-19


  • VCD tracing is now parallelized with –threads (#3449). [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]


  • Add -f<optimization> options to replace -O<letter> options (#3436).

  • Changed –no-merge-const-pool to -fno-merge-const-pool (#3436).

  • Changed –no-decoration to remove output whitespace (#3460). [Kamil Rakoczy]

  • Support compile time trace signal selection with tracing_on/off (#3323). [Shunyao CAD]

  • Support non-ANSI interface port declarations (#3439). [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Support concat assignment to packed array (#3446).

  • Improve conditional merging optimization (#3125). [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Define VM_TRACE_VCD when tracing in VCD format. [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Add assert when VerilatedContext is mis-deleted (#3121). [Rupert Swarbrick]

  • Internal prep work towards timing control. [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix hang with large case statement optimization (#3405). [Mike Urbach]

  • Fix UNOPTFLAT warning from initial static var (#3406). [Kamil Rakoczy]

  • Fix compile error when enable VL_LEAK_CHECKS (#3411). [HungMingWu]

  • Fix cmake rules to support higher-level targets (#3377) (#3386). [Martin Stadler]

  • Fix BLKANDNBLK on $readmem/$writemem (#3379). [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix ‘with’ operator with type casting (#3387). [xiak95]

  • Fix incorrect conditional merging (#3409). [Raynard Qiao]

  • Fix passing VL_TRACE_FST_WRITER_THREAD in CMake build. [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Fix compile error under strict C++11 mode (#3463). [Kevin Kiningham]

  • Fix public unpacked input ports (#3465). [Todd Strader]

Verilator 4.222 2022-05-02


  • Split –prof-threads into –prof-exec and –prof-pgo (#3365). [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Deprecate ‘vluint64_t’ and similar types (#3255).

  • Raise error on assignment to const in initial blocks. [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Issue INITIALDLY/COMBDLY/BLKSEQ warnings consistent with Verilator execution. [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Support LoongArch ISA multithreading (#3353) (#3354). [Xi Zhang]

  • Fix MSVC localtime_s (#3124).

  • Fix Bison 3.8.2 error (#3366). [elike-ypq]

  • Fix rare bug in -Oz (V3Localize) (#3286). [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Fix tracing interfaces inside interfaces (#3309). [Kevin Millis]

  • Fix filenames with dots overwriting debug .vpp files (#3373).

  • Fix including VK_USER_OBJS in make library (#3370) (#3382). [Julien Margetts]

  • Fix hang in generate symbol references (#3391) (#3398). [Yoda Lee]

  • Fix missing #include <memory> (#3392). [Aliaksei Chapyzhenka]

  • Fix crash in recursive module inlining (#3393). [david-sawatzke]

  • Fix –protect-ids mangling names of library methods. [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Fix foreach segmentation fault (#3400). [Kamil Rakoczy]

Verilator 4.220 2022-03-12


  • Removed the deprecated lint_off flag -msg; use -rule instead.

  • Removed the deprecated “fl” attribute in XML output; use “loc” attribute instead.

  • Suppress WIDTH warning on negate using carry bit (#3295). [Peter Monsson]

  • Add trace dumpvars() call for selective runtime tracing (#3322). [Shunyao CAD]

  • Add VERILATOR_VERSION_INTEGER for determining API (#3343). [Larry Doolittle]

  • Improve various V3Combine algorithm details (#3328). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Improve various V3Order algorithm details. [Geza Lore]

  • Fix MacOS arm64 build (#3285) (#3291). [Guokai Chen]

  • Fix signed number operation (#3294) (#3308). [Raynard Qiao]

  • Fix FST traces to include vector range (#3296) (#3297). [Jamie Iles]

  • Fix skipping public enum values with four-state values (#3303).

  • Fix $readmem file not found to be warning not error (#3310). [Alexander Grobman]

  • Fix class stringification on wide arrays (#3312). [Iru Cai]

  • Fix $fscanf etc to return -1 on EOF (#3313). [Jose Tejada]

  • Fix public function arguments that are arrayed (#3316). [pawel256]

  • Fix unnamedblk error on foreach (#3321). [Aliaksei Chapyzhenka]

  • Fix crash in recursive module inlining (#3324). [Larry Doolittle]

  • Fix VL_RESTORER behavior on passing a lvalue reference (#3326). [HungMingWu]

  • Fix compile error with –trace-fst –sc (#3332). [leavinel]

  • Fix cast to array types (#3333). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix Vdeeptemp error with –threads and –compiler clang (#3338). [Per Karlsson]

Verilator 4.218 2022-01-17


  • Primary inputs and outputs (VL_INW/VL_OUTW) now use VlWide type. In general this should be backward compatible, but may lead to some wrapper code needing changes.

  • Option –cdc is deprecated and is planned for removal, file a bug if this is still being used.


  • Support class static members (#2233).

  • Support force/release (#2431) (#2593). [Shunyao CAD]

  • Add ‘forceable’ attribute to allow forcing from C++. (#3272). [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Support lower dimension looping in foreach loops (#3172). [Ehab Ibrahim]

  • Support up to 64 bit enums for .next/.prev/.name (#3244). [Alexander Grobman]

  • Reduce .rodata footprint of trace initialization (#3250). [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Support FST tracing in hierarchical Verilation (#3251). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Use C++11 standard types for MacOS portability (#3254) (#3257). [Adrien Le Masle]

  • Fix make support for BSD ar (#2999) (#3256). [Julie Schwartz]

  • Fix bad ending address on $readmem (#3205). [Julie Schwartz]

  • Fix MSWIN compile error (#2681). [Unai Martinez-Corral]

  • Fix break under foreach loop (#3230).

  • Fix VL_STREAML_FAST_QQI with 64 bit left-hand-side (#3232) (#3235). [Adrien Le Masle]

  • Fix $sformat of inputs/outputs (#3236). [Adrien Le Masle]

  • Fix associative array first method as statement (#3228). [Adrien Le Masle]

  • Fix associative array foreach loop (#3229).

  • Fix $fclose not accepting expressions (#3237). [Julie Schwartz]

  • Fix $random not updating seed (#3238). [Julie Schwartz]

  • Fix top level param overwrite when package has same param (#3241) (#3247). [Adrien Le Masle]

  • Fix spurious UNUSED by ignoring inout pin connections (#3242). [Julie Schwartz]

  • Fix splitting of _eval and other top level functions. [Geza Lore, Shunyao CAD]

  • Fix internal error by inout port (#3258). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix GCC 11 compile error (#3273). [HungMingWu]

Verilator 4.216 2021-12-05


  • Add –lib-create, similar to –protect-lib but without protections.

  • Support tracing through –hierarchical/–lib-create libraries (#3200).


  • Internal code cleanups and improvements. [Geza Lore]

  • Improve –thread Verilation-time performance.

  • Support task name in $display %m (#3211). [Julie Schwartz]

  • Make ‘bit’, ‘logic’ and ‘time’ types unsigned by default. [Geza Lore]

  • Optimize $random concatenates/selects (#3114).

  • Fix array method names with parenthesis (#3181) (#3183). [Teng Huang]

  • Fix split_var assign merging (#3177) (#3179). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix wrong bit op tree optimization (#3185). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix some SliceSels not being constants (#3186) (#3218). [Michaël Lefebvre]

  • Fix nested generate if genblk naming (#3189). [yanx21]

  • Fix hang on recursive definition error (#3199). [Jonathan Kimmitt]

  • Fix display of signed without format (#3204). [Julie Schwartz]

  • Fix display of empty string constant (#3207) (#3215). [Julie Schwartz]

  • Fix incorrect width after and-or optimization (#3208). [Julie Schwartz]

  • Fix $fopen etc on integer arrays (#3214). [adrienlemasle]

  • Fix $size on dynamic strings (#3216).

  • Fix %0 format on $value$plusargs (#3217).

  • Fix timescale portability on Arm64 (#3222).

Verilator 4.214 2021-10-17


  • Add profile-guided optimization of mtasks (#3150).


  • Verilator_gantt has removed the ASCII graphics, use the VCD output instead.

  • Verilator_gantt now shows the predicted mtask times, eval times, and additional statistics.

  • Verilator_gantt data files now include processor information, to allow later processing.

  • Support displaying x and z in $display task (#3107) (#3109). [Iru Cai]

  • Fix verilator_profcfunc profile accounting (#3115).

  • Fix display has no time units on class function (#3116). [Damien Pretet]

  • Fix removing if statement with side effect in condition (#3131). [Alexander Grobman]

  • Fix –waiver-output for multiline warnings (#2429) (#3141). [Keith Colbert]

  • Fix internal error on bad widths (#3140) (#3145). [Zhanglei Wang]

  • Fix crash on clang 12/13 (#3148). [Kuoping Hsu]

  • Fix cygwin compile error due to missing -std=gnu++14 (#3149). [Sun Kim]

  • Fix $urandom_range when the range is 0 … UINT_MAX (#3161). [Iru Cai]

  • Fix constructor-parameter argument comma-separation in C++ (#3162). [Matthew Ballance]

  • Fix missing install of vl_file_copy/vl_hier_graph (#3165). [Popolon]

  • Fix calling new with arguments in same class (#3166). [Matthew Ballance]

  • Fix false EOFNEWLINE warning when DOS carriage returns present (#3171).

Verilator 4.212 2021-09-01


  • Fix re-evaluation of logic dependent on state set in DPI exports (#3091). [Geza Lore]

  • Support unpacked array localparams in tasks/functions (#3078). [Geza Lore]

  • Support timeunit/timeprecision in $unit.

  • Support assignment patterns as children of pins (#3041). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Add –instr-count-dpi to tune assumed DPI import cost for multithreaded model scheduling. Default value changed to 200 (#3068). [Yinan Xu]

  • Output files are split based on the set of headers required in order to aid incremental compilation via ccache (#3071). [Geza Lore]

  • Parameter values are now emitted as ‘static constexpr’ instead of enum. C++ direct references to parameters might require updating (#3077). [Geza Lore]

  • Refactored Verilated include files; include verilated.h not verilated_heavy.h.

  • Add header guards on Dpi.h generated files (#2979). [Tood Strader]

  • Add XML ccall, constpool, initarray, and if/while begins (#3080). [Steven Hugg]

  • Add error when constant function under a generate (#3103). [Don Owen]

  • Fix -G to treat simple integer literals as signed (#3060). [Anikin1610]

  • Fix emitted string array initializers (#2895). [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix bitop tree optimization dropping necessary & operator (#3096). [Flavien Solt]

  • Fix internal error on wide -x-initial unique (#3106). [Alexandre Joannou]

  • Fix traces to show array instances with brackets (#3092) (#3095). [Pieter Kapsenberg]

Verilator 4.210 2021-07-07


  • Generated code is now emitted as global functions rather than methods. ‘$c’ contents might need to be updated, see the docs (#3006). [Geza Lore]

  • The generated model class instantiated by the user is now an interface object and no longer the TOP module instance. User code with direct C++ member access to model internals, including verilator public_flat items will likely need to be updated. See the manual for instructions: (#3036). [Geza Lore]


  • Add –prof-c to pass profiling to compiler (#3059). [Alexander Grobman]

  • Optimize a lot more model variables into function locals (#3027). [Geza Lore]

  • Support middle-of-design nested top modules (#3026). [Dan Petrisko]

  • Remove deprecated –no-relative-cfuncs option (#3024). [Geza Lore]

  • Remove deprecated –inhibit-sim option (#3035). [Geza Lore]

  • Merge const static data globally into a new constant pool (#3013). [Geza Lore]

  • Allow configure override of AR program (#2999). [ahouska]

  • In XML, show pinIndex information (#2877). [errae233]

  • Fix error on unsupported recursive functions (#2957). [Trefor Southwell]

  • Fix type parameter specialization when struct names are same (#3055). [7FM]

  • Improve speed of table optimization (-OA) pass. [Geza Lore]

Verilator 4.204 2021-06-12


  • Add ‘make ccache-report’ (#3011). [Geza Lore]

  • Add –reloop-limit argument (#2943) (#2960). [Geza Lore]

  • Add –expand-limit argument (#3005). [Julien Margetts]

  • Add TRACE_THREADS to CMake (#2934). [Jonathan Drolet]

  • Optimize large lookup tables to static data (#2925). [Geza Lore]

  • Optimize reloop to accept constant index offsets (#2939). [Geza Lore]

  • Split always blocks to better respect –output-split-cfuncs. [Geza Lore]

  • Support ignoring “`pragma protect …” (#2886). [Udi Finkelstein]

  • Support –trace-fst for SystemC with CMake (#2927). [Jonathan Drolet]

  • Update cmake latest C++ Standard Compilation flag (#2951). [Ameya Vikram Singh]

  • Prep work towards better ccache hashing/performance. [Geza Lore]

  • Fix assertion failure in bitOpTree optimization (#2891) (#2899). [Raynard Qiao]

  • Fix DPI functions not seen as vpiModule (#2893). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix bounds check in VL_SEL_IWII (#2910). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Fix slowdown in elaboration (#2911). [Nathan Graybeal]

  • Fix initialization of assoc in assoc array (#2914). [myftptoyman]

  • Fix make support for gmake 3.x (#2920) (#2921). [Philipp Wagner]

  • Fix VPI memory access for packed arrays (#2922). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix MCD close also closing stdout (#2931). [Alexander Grobman]

  • Fix split procedures to better respect –output-split-cfuncs (#2942). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix to emit ‘else if’ without nesting (#2944). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix part select issues in LATCH warning (#2948) (#2938). [Julien Margetts]

  • Fix to not emit empty files with low split limits (#2961). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix merging of assignments in C++ code (#2970). [Rupert Swarbrick]

  • Fix unused variable warnings (#2991). [Pieter Kapsenberg]

  • Fix –protect-ids when using SV classes (#2994). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix constant function calls with uninitialized value (#2995). [yanx21]

  • Fix Makefiles to support Windows EXEEXT usage (#3008). [Miodrag Milanovic]

Verilator 4.202 2021-04-24


  • Documentation has been rewritten into a book format.

  • Verilated signals now use VlWide and VlPacked in place of C arrays.


  • Add an URL on warnings to point to the manual’s description.

  • Add EOFNEWLINE warning when missing a newline at EOF.

  • Changed TIMESCALEMOD from error into a warning.

  • Mark –no-relative-cfuncs as scheduled for deprecation.

  • Add –coverage-max-width (#2853). [xuejiazidi]

  • Add VerilatedCovContext::forcePerInstance (#2793). [Kevin Laeufer]

  • Add FST SystemC tracing (#2806). [Àlex Torregrosa]

  • Add PINNOTFOUND warning in place of error (#2868). [Udi Finkelstein]

  • Support overlaps in priority case statements (#2864). [Rupert Swarbrick]

  • Support for null ports (#2875). [Udi Finkelstein]

  • Fix class unpacked-array compile error (#2774). [Iru Cai]

  • Fix scope types in FST and VCD traces (#2805). [Àlex Torregrosa]

  • Fix exceeding command-line ar limit (#2834). [Yinan Xu]

  • Fix false $dumpfile warning on model save (#2834). [Yinan Xu]

  • Fix –timescale-override not suppressing TIMESCALEMOD (#2838). [Kaleb Barrett]

  • Fix false TIMESCALEMOD on generate-ignored instances (#2838). [Kaleb Barrett]

  • Fix –output-split with class extends (#2839). [Iru Cai]

  • Fix false WIDTHCONCAT on casted constant (#2849). [Rupert Swarbrick]

  • Fix tracing of long hashed names (#2854). [Graham Rushton]

  • Fix –public-flat-rw / DPI issue (#2858). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix interface localparam access (#2859). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix Cygwin example compile issues (#2856). [Mark Shaw]

  • Fix select of with index variable (#2880). [Alexander Grobman]

  • Fix cmake version number to be numeric (#2881). [Yuri Victorovich]

  • Fix MinGW not supporting ‘localtime_r’ (#2882). [HyungKi Jeong]

  • Fix cast from packed, typedef’ed interface signal (#2884). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix VPI package reported as vpiModule (#2885). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix dumping waveforms to multiple FST files (#2889). [David Metz]

  • Fix assertion failure in bitOpTree (#2892). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix V3Premit infinite loop on always read-and-write (#2898). [Raynard Qiao]

  • Fix VPI packed vectors (#2900). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix VPI public interface parameters (#2901). [Todd Strader]

Verilator 4.200 2021-03-12


  • –inhibit-sim is planned for deprecation, file a bug if this is still being used.


  • Add simulation context (VerilatedContext) to allow multiple fully independent models to be in the same process. Please see the updated examples. (#2660)

  • Add context->time() and context->timeInc() API calls, to set simulation time. These now are recommended in place of the legacy sc_time_stamp().


  • Converted Asciidoc documentation into reStructuredText (RST) format.

  • Fix range inheritance on port without data type (#2753). [Embedded Go]

  • Fix slice-assign overflow (#2803) (#2811). [David Turner]

  • Fix interface array connection ordering broken in v4.110 (#2827). [Don Owen]

  • Fix or-reduction on different scopes broken in 4.110 (#2828). [Yinan Xu]

  • Fix MSVC++ compile error. (#2831) (#2833) [Drew Taussig]

Verilator 4.110 2021-02-25


  • Optimize bit operations and others (#2186) (#2632) (#2633) (#2751) (#2800) [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]


  • Support concat selection (#2721).

  • Support struct scopes when dumping structs to VCD (#2776) [Àlex Torregrosa]

  • Generate SELRANGE for potentially unreachable code (#2625) (#2754) [Pierre-Henri Horrein]

  • For –flatten, override inlining of public and no_inline modules (#2761) [James Hanlon]

  • Fix little endian interface pin swizzling (#2475). [Don Owen]

  • Fix range inheritance on port without data type (#2753). [Embedded Go]

  • Fix TIMESCALE warnings on primitives (#2763). [Xuanqi]

  • Fix to exclude strings from toggle coverage (#2766) (#2767) [Paul Wright]

  • Fix $fread extra semicolon inside statements. [Leendert van Doorn]

  • Fix class extends with VM_PARALLEL_BUILDS (#2775). [Iru Cai]

  • Fix shifts by > 32 bit values (#2785). [qrq992]

  • Fix examples not flushing vcd (#2787). [Richard E George]

  • Fix little endian packed array pattern assignment (#2795). [Àlex Torregrosa]

Verilator 4.108 2021-01-10


  • Many VPI changes for IEEE compatibility, which may alter behavior from previous releases.

  • Support randomize() class method and rand (#2607). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]


  • Support $cast and new CASTCONST warning.

  • Add –top option as alias of –top-module.

  • Add LATCH and NOLATCH warnings (#1609) (#2740). [Julien Margetts]

  • Remove Unix::Processors internal test dependency.

  • Report UNUSED on parameters, localparam and genvars (#2627). [Charles Eric LaForest]

  • Add error on real to non-real output pins (#2690). [Peter Monsson]

  • Support package imports before parameters in interfaces (#2714). [James Hanlon]

  • Support –sanitize in internal tests (#2705). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix passing parameter type instantiations by position number.

  • Fix DPI open array handling issues.

  • Fix error when dotted refers to missing module (#2095). [Alexander Grobman]

  • Fix little endian packed array counting (#2499). [phantom-killua]

  • Fix showing reference locations for BLKANDNBLK (#2170). [Yuri Victorovich]

  • Fix genblk naming to match IEEE (#2686). [tinshark]

  • Fix VPI memory word indexing (#2695). [Marlon James]

  • Fix vpiLeftRange on little-endian memories (#2696). [Marlon James]

  • Fix VPI module tree (#2704). [Todd Strader]

  • Fix vpi_release_handle to be called implicitly per IEEE (#2706).

  • Fix to allow inheriting ‘VerilatedVcdFile’ class. (#2720) [HyungKi Jeong]

  • Fix $urandom_range maximum value (#2723). [Nandu Raj]

  • Fix tracing empty sc module (#2729).

  • Fix generate for unrolling to be signed (#2730). [yanx21]

  • Fix to emit timescale in hierarchical blocks (#2735). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix to ignore coverage on real ports (#2741) (#2745). [Paul Wright]

Verilator 4.106 2020-12-02


  • Change -sv option to select 1800-2017 instead of 1800-2005.


  • Check for proper ‘local’ and ‘protected’ (#2228).

  • Support $random and $urandom seeds.

  • Support $monitor and $strobe.

  • Support complex function arguments.

  • Support ‘super’.

  • Support ‘with item.index’.

  • Fix the default GNU Make executable name on FreeBSD (#2553). [Yuri Victorovich]

  • Fix trace signal names getting hashed (#2643). [Barbara Gigerl]

  • Fix unpacked array parameters near functions (#2639). [Anderson Ignacio da Silva]

  • Fix access to non-overridden base class variable (#2654). [Tobias Rosenkranz]

Verilator 4.104 2020-11-14


  • Support queue and associative array ‘with’ statements (#2616).

  • Support queue slicing (#2326).

  • Support associative array pattern assignments and defaults.

  • Support static methods and typedefs in classes (#2615). [Krzysztof Bieganski, Antmicro Ltd]

  • Add error on typedef referencing self (#2539). [Cody Piersall]

  • With –debug, turn off address space layout randomization.

  • Fix iteration over mutating list bug in VPI (#2588). [Kaleb Barrett]

  • Fix cast width propagation (#2597). [flex-liu]

  • Fix return from callValueCbs (#2589) (#2605). [Marlon James]

  • Fix WIDTH warnings on comparisons with nullptr (#2602). [Rupert Swarbrick]

  • Fix fault when $fgets, $sscanf, etc used with string (#2604). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix WIFEXITED missing from MinGW/MSYS2 (#2609). [Jean Berniolles]

  • Fix queue poping wrong value when otherwise unused (#2512). [nanduraj1]

  • Fix arrays of modport interfaces (#2614). [Thierry Tambe]

  • Fix split_var internal error (#2640) (#2641). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

Verilator 4.102 2020-10-15


  • Support const object new() assignments.

  • Support # as a comment in -f files (#2497). [phantom-killua]

  • Support ‘this’ (#2585). [Rafal Kapuscik]

  • Support defines for FST tracing (#2592). [Markus Krause]

  • Support non-overlapping implication inside properties (#1292). [Peter Monsson]

  • Fix timescale with –hierarchical (#2554). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix cmake build with –hierarchical (#2560). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix -G dropping public indication (#2561). [Andrew Goessling]

  • Fix $urandom_range passed variable (#2563). [nanduraj1]

  • Fix method calls to package class functions (#2565). [Peter Monsson]

  • Fix class wide member display (#2567). [Nandu Raj P]

  • Fix hierarchical references inside function (#2267) (#2572). [James Pallister]

  • Fix flushCall for backward compatibility (#2580). [chenguokai]

  • Fix preprocessor stringify of undefined macro. [Martin Whitaker]

Verilator 4.100 2020-09-07


  • C++11 or newer compilers are now required.

  • SystemC 2.3.0 or newer (SYSTEMC_VERSION >= 20111121) is now required.

  • Support hierarchical Verilation (#2206). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]


  • Support (with limitations) class extern, class extends, virtual class.

  • Support $urandom, $urandom_range without stability.

  • Support assume property. [Peter Monsson]

  • Support non-overlapping implication inside properties (#1292). [Peter Monsson]

  • Fix false DECLFILENAME on black-boxed modules (#2430). [Philipp Wagner]

  • Fix naming of “id : begin” blocks.

  • Fix class constructor error on assignments to const.

  • Fix splitting eval functions with –output-split-cfuncs (#2368). [Geza Lore]

  • Fix queues as class members (#2525). [nanduraj1]

Verilator 4.040 2020-08-15


  • Version 4.040 is planned to be the final version that will support pre-C++11 compilers. Please move to C++11 or newer compilers.


  • Fix arrayed interfaces, broke in 4.038 (#2468). [Josh Redford]

  • Support $stable, $rose and $fell. (#2148) (#2501) [Peter Monsson]

  • Support simple function localparams (#2461). [James Hanlon]

  • Miscellaneous parsing error changes towards UVM support.

  • Fix arrayed interfaces (#2469). [Josh Redford]

  • Fix protect lib VCS warning. (#2479) [Julien Margetts]

  • Fix combining different-width parameters (#2484). [abirkmanis]

  • Fix protect-lib without sequential logic (#2492). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Fix V3Unknown from running with flat XML output (#2494). [James Hanlon]

  • Fix non-32 bit conversion to float (#2495). [dsvf]

  • Fix casting non-self-determined subexpressions (#2493). [phantom-killua]

  • Fix SystemC net names (#2500). [Edgar E. Iglesias]

  • Fix build with Bison 3.7 and newer (#2505). [Rupert Swarbrick]

  • Fix slice of unpacked array (#2506) (#2507). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

Verilator 4.038 2020-07-11


  • Versions 4.038 and 4.040 are planned to be the final versions that will support pre-C++11 compilers. Please move to C++11 or newer compilers.


  • Support VPI access to parameters and localparam. [Ludwig Rogiers]

  • Support parsing (not elaboration, yet) of UVM.

  • Add new UNSUPPORTED error code to replace most previous Unsupported: messages.

  • With –bbox-unsup continue parsing on many (not all) UVM constructs.

  • Support for-loop increments with commas.

  • Support $swrite with arbitrary arguments.

  • Support $writememb (#2450). [Fan Shupei]

  • Fix OS X, Free BSD, and -m32 portability issues. [Geza Lore]

  • Fix to flush FST trace on termination due to $stop or assertion failure.

  • Fix part select error when multipling by power-of-two (#2413). [Conor McCullough]

  • Fix division exception (#2460) [Kuoping Hsu]

Verilator 4.036 2020-06-06


  • OPT_FAST is now -Os by default. See the BENCHMARKING & OPTIMIZATION part of the manual if you experience issues with compilation speed.

  • –output-split is now on by default. VM_PARALLEL_BUILDS is set by default iff the –output-split caused an actual file split to occur. –output-split-cfuncs and –output-split-ctrace now default to the value of –output-split. These changes should improve build times of medium and large designs with default options. User makefiles may require changes.


  • Configure now enables SystemC if it is installed as a system headers, e.g. with ‘apt-get install systemc-dev’.

  • Add –waiver-output flag that writes a verilator config file (.vlt) with waivers to the warnings emitted during a Verilator run.

  • Support verilator_coverage –write-info for lcov HTML reports.

  • Line Coverage now tracks all statement lines, not just branch lines.

  • The run-time library is now compiled with -Os by default. (#2369, #2373)

  • Support multi channel descriptor I/O (#2190) [Stephen Henry]

  • Support $countbits. (#2287) [Yossi Nivin]

  • Support $isunbounded and parameter $. (#2104)

  • Support unpacked array .sum and .product.

  • Support prefix/postfix increment/decrement. (#2223) [Maciej Sobkowski]

  • Fix FST tracing of little bit endian signals. [Geza Lore]

  • Fix +: and -: on unpacked arrays. (#2304) [engr248]

  • Fix $isunknown with constant Z’s.

  • Fix queues and dynamic array wide ops. (#2352) [Vassilis Papaefstathiou]

Verilator 4.034 2020-05-03


  • Support simplistic classes with many restrictions, see manual. (#377)

  • Support IEEE time units and time precisions. (#234) Includes `timescale, $printtimescale, $timeformat. VL_TIME_MULTIPLIER, VL_TIME_PRECISION, VL_TIME_UNIT have been removed and the time precision must now match the SystemC time precision. To get closer behavior to older versions, use e.g. –timescale-override “1ps/1ps”.

  • Add –build to call make automatically. (#2249) [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Configuring with ccache present now defaults to using it; see OBJCACHE.

  • Fix DPI import/export to be standard compliant. (#2236) [Geza Lore]

  • Add –trace-threads for general multithreaded tracing. (#2269) [Geza Lore]


  • Add –flatten for use with –xml-only. (#2270) [James Hanlon]

  • Greatly improve FST/VCD dump performance (#2244) (#2246) (#2250) (#2257) [Geza Lore]

  • Support $ferror, and $fflush without arguments. (#1638)

  • Support event data type (with some restrictions).

  • Support $root. (#2150) [Keyi Zhang]

  • Add error if use SystemC 2.2 and earlier (pre-2011) as is deprecated.

  • Add support of –trace-structs for CMake (#2986). [Martin Schmidt]

  • Fix arrayed instances connecting to slices. (#2263) [Don/engr248]

  • Fix error on unpacked connecting to packed. (#2288) [Joseph Shaker]

  • Fix logical not optimization with empty begin. (#2291) [Baltazar Ortiz]

  • Fix reduction OR on wide data, broke in v4.026. (#2300) [Jack Koenig]

  • Fix clock enables with bit-extends. (#2299) [Marco Widmer]

  • Fix MacOs Homebrew by removing default LIBS. (#2298) [Ryan Clarke]

Verilator 4.032 2020-04-04


  • Add column numbers to errors and warnings.

  • Add GCC 9-style line number prefix when showing source text for errors.

  • Add setting VM_PARALLEL_BUILDS=1 when using –output-split. (#2185)

  • Change –quiet-exit to also suppress ‘Exiting due to N errors’.

  • Suppress REALCVT for whole real numbers.

  • Support split_var in vlt files. (#2219) [Marco Widmer]

  • Fix parameter type redeclaring a type. (#2195) [hdzhangdoc]

  • Fix VCD open with empty filename. (#2198) [Julius Baxter]

  • Fix packages as enum base types. (#2202) [Driss Hafdi]

  • Fix duplicate typedefs in generate for. (#2205) [hdzhangdoc]

  • Fix MinW portability. (#2114) [Sean Cross]

  • Fix assertions with unique case inside. (#2199) [hdzhangdoc]

  • Fix implicit conversion of floats to wide integers.

Verilator 4.030 2020-03-08


  • Add split_var metacomment to assist UNOPTFLAT fixes. (#2066) [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Support $dumpfile and $dumpvars. (#2126) [Alexander Grobman]

  • Support dynamic arrays. (#379)


  • Add +verilator+noassert flag to disable assertion checking. [Tobias Wölfel]

  • Add check for assertOn for asserts. (#2162) [Tobias Wölfel]

  • Add –structs-packed for forward compatibility.

  • Support $displayb/o/h, $writeb/o/h, etc. (#1637)

  • Use gcc -Os in examples instead of -O2 for better average performance.

  • Fix genblk naming with directly nested generate blocks. (#2176) [Alexander Grobman]

  • Fix undeclared VL_SHIFTR_WWQ. (#2114) [Alex Solomatnikov]

Verilator 4.028 2020-02-08


  • Support attributes (public, isolate_assignments, etc.) in configuration files.

  • Add -match to lint_off to waive warnings. [Philipp Wagner]


  • Link Verilator binary partially statically. (#2146) [Geza Lore]

  • Verilation speed improvements (#2133) (#2138) [Geza Lore]

  • Support libgoogle-perftools-dev’s libtcmalloc if available. (#2137) [Geza Lore]

  • Support $readmem/$writemem with assoc arrarys. (#2100) [agrobman]

  • Support type(expression) operator and $typename. (#1650)

  • Support left justified $display. (#2101) [Pieter Kapsenberg]

  • Support string character access via indexing.

  • Support with constant k > 1. (#2125) [Tobias Rosenkranz]

  • Support parameter access from arrays of interfaces. (#2155) [Todd Strader]

  • Add parameter values in XML. #2110. [Pieter Kapsenberg]

  • Add loc column location in XML (replaces fl). (#2122) [Pieter Kapsenberg]

  • Add error on misused define. [Topa Tota]

  • Add parameter to set maximum signal width. (#2082) [Øyvind Harboe]

  • Add warning on genvar in normal for loop. (#2143) [Yuri Victorovich]

  • Fix VPI scope naming for public modules. [Nandu Raj]

  • Fix FST tracing of enums inside structs. [fsiegle]

  • Fix WIDTH warning on </<= of narrower value. (#2141) [agrobman]

  • Fix OpenSolaris issues. (#2154) [brancoliticus]

  • Fix gated clocks under –protect-lib. (#2169) [Todd Strader]

Verilator 4.026 2020-01-11


  • Docker images are now available for Verilator releases.


  • Support bounded queues.

  • Support non-overlapping implication operator in assertions. (#2069) [Peter Monsson]

  • Support string compare, ato*, etc methods. (#1606) [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

  • Support immediate cover statements.

  • Ignore `uselib to end-of-line. (#1634) [Frederic Antonin]

  • Update FST trace API for better performance.

  • Add vpiTimeUnit and allow to specify time as string. (#1636) [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Add error when `resetall inside module (IEEE 2017-22.3).

  • Add cleaner error on version control conflicts in sources.

  • Fix little endian cell ranges. (#1631) [Julien Margetts]

  • Fix queue issues (#1641) (#1643) [Peter Monsson, Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Fix strcasecmp for windows. (#1651) [Kuba Ober]

  • Fix disable iff in assertions. Closes #1404. [Peter Monsson]

  • Fix huge case statement performance. Closes #1644. [Julien Margetts]

  • Fix tracing -1 index arrays. Closes #2090. [Yutetsu Takatsukasa]

  • Fix expand optimization slowing –lint-only. Closes #2091. [Thomas Watts]

  • Fix %{number}s with strings. #2093. [agrobman]

  • Fix shebang breaking some shells. Closes #2067. [zdave]

  • Fix errors on using string in incorrect format (#5240). [John Demme]

Verilator 4.024 2019-12-08


  • Support associative arrays (excluding [*] and pattern assignments). (#544)

  • Support queues (excluding {} notation and pattern assignments). (#545)


  • Add +verilator+error+limit to see more assertion errors. [Peter Monsson]

  • Support string.toupper and string.tolower.

  • Support $rewind and $ungetc.

  • Support shortreal as real, with a SHORTREAL warning.

  • Add -Wpedantic and -Wno-context for compliance testing.

  • Add error on redefining preprocessor directives. [Piotr Binkowski]

  • Support $value$plusargs float and shorts. (#1592) (#1619) [Garrett Smith]

  • Fix gate lvalue optimization error. (#831) [Jonathon Donaldson, Driss Hafdi]

  • Fix color assertion on empty if. (#1604) [Andrew Holme]

  • Fix for loop missing initializer. (#1605) [Andrew Holme]

  • Fix hang on concat error. (#1608) [Bogdan Vukobratovic]

  • Fix VPI timed callbacks to be one-shot, pull5. [Matthew Ballance]

  • Fix // in filenames. (#1610) [Peter Nelson]

  • Fix $display(“%p”) to be closer to IEEE.

  • Fix labels on functions with returns. (#1614) [Mitch Hayenga]

  • Fix false unused message on __Vemumtab. (#2061) [Tobias Rosenkranz]

  • Fix assertion on dotted parameter arrayed function. (#1620) [Rich Porter]

  • Fix interface reference tracing. (#1595) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix error on unpacked concatenations. (#1627) [Driss Hafdi]

Verilator 4.022 2019-11-10


  • Add –protect-lib. (#1490) [Todd Strader]

  • Add cmake support. (#1363) [Patrick Stewart]


  • Examples have been renamed.

  • Add –protect-ids to obscure information in objects. (#1521) [Todd Strader]

  • Add –trace-coverage.

  • Add –xml-output.

  • Support multithreading on Windows. [Patrick Stewart]

  • Suppress ‘command failed’ on normal errors.

  • Support some unpacked arrays in parameters. (#1315) [Marshal Qiao]

  • Add interface port visibility in traces. (#1594) [Todd Strader]

  • Increase case duplicate/incomplete to 16 bit tables. (#1545) [Yossi Nivin]

  • Support quoted arguments in -f files. (#1535) [Yves Mathieu]

  • Optimize modulus by power-of-two constants, and masked conditionals.

  • Fix detecting missing reg types. (#1570) [Jacko Dirks]

  • Fix multithreaded yield behavior when no work. [Patrick Stewart]

  • Fix bad-syntax crashes. (#1548, #1550-#1553, #1557-#1560, #1563, #1573-#1577, #1579, #1582-#1591) [Eric Rippey]

  • Fix false CMPCONST/UNSIGNED warnings on “inside”. (#1581) [Mitch Hayenga]

Verilator 4.020 2019-10-06


  • Add –public-flat-rw. (#1511) [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Support $fseek, $ftell, $frewind. (#1496) [Howard Su]

  • Support vpiModule. (#1469) [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Make Syms file honor –output-split-cfuncs. (#1499) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix make test with no VERILATOR_ROOT. (#1494) [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]

  • Fix error on multidimensional cells. (#1505) [Anderson Ignacio Da Silva]

  • Fix config_rev revision detection on old versions.

  • Fix false warning on backward indexing. (#1507) [Hao Shi]

  • Fix vpiType accessor. (#1509) (#1510) [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Fix ugly error on interface misuse. (#1525) [Bogdan Vukobratovic]

  • Fix misc bad-syntax crashes. (#1529) (#1530) (#1531) (#1532) (#1533) [Eric Rippey]

  • Fix case statements with strings. (#1536) [Philipp Wagner]

  • Fix some coverage lost when multithreaded. (#2151)

Verilator 4.018 2019-08-29


  • When showing an error, show source code and offer suggestions of replacements.

  • When showing an error, show the instance location. (#1305) [Todd Strader]


  • Add –rr. (#1481) [Todd Strader]

  • Change MULTITOP to warning to help linting, see manual.

  • Add XSim support to (#1493) [Todd Strader]

  • Add –dpi-hdr-only. (#1491) [Todd Strader]

  • Show included-from filenames in warnings. (#1439) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix elaboration time errors. (#1429) [Udi Finkelstein]

  • Fix not reporting some duplicate signals/ports. (#1462) [Peter Gerst]

  • Fix not in array context on non-power-of-two slices. (#2027) [Yu Sheng Lin]

  • Fix system compile flags injection. [Gianfranco Costamagna]

  • Fix enum values not being sized based on parent. (#1442) [Dan Petrisko]

  • Fix internal error on gate optimization of assign. (#1475) [Oyvind Harboe]

Verilator 4.016 2019-06-16


  • Add –quiet-exit. (#1436) [Todd Strader]

  • Error continuation lines no longer have %Error prefix.

  • Support logical equivalence operator <->.

  • Support VerilatedFstC set_time_unit. (#1433) [Pieter Kapsenberg]

  • Support deferred assertions. (#1449) [Charles Eddleston]

  • Mark infrequently called functions with GCC cold attribute.

  • Fix sign-compare warning in verilated.cpp. (#1437) [Sergey Kvachonok]

  • Fix fault on $realtime with %t. (#1443) [Julien Margetts]

  • Fix $display with string without %s. (#1441) [Denis Rystsov]

  • Fix parameter function string returns. (#1441) [Denis Rystsov]

  • Fix invalid XML output due to special chars. (#1444) [Kanad Kanhere]

  • Fix performance when mulithreaded on 1 CPU. (#1455) [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Fix type and real parameter issues (#1427) (#1456) (#1458) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix build error on MinGW. (#1460) [Richard Myers]

  • Fix not reporting some duplicate signals. (#1462) [Peter Gerst]

  • Fix –savable invalid C++ on packed arrays. (#1465) [Alex Chadwick]

  • Fix constant function return of function var. (#1467) [Roman Popov]

Verilator 4.014 2019-05-08


  • Add –trace-fst-thread.

  • Support ‘#’ comments in $readmem. (#1411) [Frédéric Requin]

  • Support “‘dx” constants. (#1423) [Udi Finkelstein]

  • For FST tracing use LZ4 compression. [Tony Bybell]

  • Add error when use parameters without value. (#1424) [Peter Gerst]

  • Auto-extend and WIDTH warn on unsized X/Zs. (#1423) [Udi Finkelstein]

  • Fix missing VL_SHIFTL errors. (#1412) (#1415) [Larry Lee]

  • Fix MinGW GCC 6 printf formats. (#1413) [Sergey Kvachonok]

  • Fix test problems when missing fst2vcd. (#1417) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix GTKWave register warning. (#1421) [Pieter Kapsenberg]

  • Fix FST enums not displaying. (#1426) [Danilo Ramos]

  • Fix table compile error with multiinterfaces. (#1431) [Bogdan Vukobratovic]

Verilator 4.012 2019-03-23


  • Add +verilator+seed. (#1396) [Stan Sokorac]

  • Support $fread. [Leendert van Doorn]

  • Support void’ cast on functions called as tasks. (#1383) [Al Grant]

  • Add IGNOREDRETURN warning. (#1383)

  • Report PORTSHORT errors on concat constants. (#1400) [Will Korteland]

  • Fix VERILATOR_GDB being ignored. (#2017) [Yu Sheng Lin]

  • Fix $value$plus$args missing verilated_heavy.h. [Yi-Chung Chen]

  • Fix MSVC compile error. (#1406) [Benjamin Gartner]

  • Fix maintainer test when no Parallel::Forker. (#1977) [Enzo Chi]

  • Fix +1364-1995ext flags applying too late. (#1384) [Al Grant]

Verilator 4.010 2019-01-27


  • Removed –trace-lxt2, use –trace-fst instead.

  • For –xml, add additional information. (#1372) [Jonathan Kimmitt]

  • Add circular typedef error. (#1388) [Al Grant]

  • Add unsupported for loops error. (#1986) [Yu Sheng Lin]

  • Fix FST tracing of wide arrays. (#1376) [Aleksander Osman]

  • Fix error when pattern assignment has too few elements. (#1378) [Viktor Tomov]

  • Fix error when no modules in $unit. (#1381) [Al Grant]

  • Fix missing too many digits warning. (#1380) [Jonathan Kimmitt]

  • Fix uninitialized data in verFiles and unroller. (#1385) (#1386) [Al Grant]

  • Fix internal error on xrefs into unrolled functions. (#1387) [Al Grant]

  • Fix DPI export void compiler error. (#1391) [Stan Sokorac]

Verilator 4.008 2018-12-01


  • Support “ref” and “const ref” pins and functions. (#1360) [Jake Longo]

  • In –xml-only show the original unmodified names, and add module_files and cells similar to Verilog-Perl, msg2719. [Kanad Kanhere]

  • Add CONTASSREG error on continuous assignments to regs. (#1369) [Peter Gerst]

  • Add PROCASSWIRE error on behavioral assignments to wires, msg2737. [Neil Turton]

  • Add IMPORTSTAR warning on import::* inside $unit scope.

  • Fix –trace-lxt2 compile error on MinGW. (#1990) [HyungKi Jeong]

  • Fix hang on bad pattern keys. (#1364) [Matt Myers]

  • Fix crash due to cygwin bug in getline. (#1349) [Affe Mao]

  • Fix __Slow files getting compiled with OPT_FAST. (#1370) [Thomas Watts]

Verilator 4.006 2018-10-27


  • Add –pp-comments. (#1988) [Robert Henry]

  • Add –dump-defines.

  • For –trace-fst, save enum decoding information. (#1358) [Sergi Granell] (To visualize enumeration data you must use GTKwave 3.3.95 or newer.)

  • For –trace-fst, combine hier information into FST. [Tony Bybell]

  • Fix –trace-lxt2 compile error on MinGW, msg2667. [HyungKi Jeong]

  • Fix Windows .exe not found. (#1361) [Patrick Stewart]

Verilator 4.004 2018-10-06


  • Add GTKWave FST native tracing. (#1356) [Sergi Granell] (Verilator developers need to pull the latest vcddiff.)


  • Support $past. [Dan Gisselquist]

  • Support restrict. (#1350) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Rename include/lxt2 to include/gtkwave.

  • Fix replication of 64-bit signal change detects.

  • Fix Mac OSX 10.13.6 / LLVM 9.1 compile issues. (#1348) [Kevin Kiningham]

  • Fix MinGW compile issues. (#1979) [HyungKi Jeong]

Verilator 4.002 2018-09-16


  • This is a major release. Any patches may require major rework to apply. [Thanks everyone]

  • Add multithreaded model generation.

  • Add runtime arguments.

  • Add GTKWave LXT2 native tracing. (#1333) [Yu Sheng Lin]

  • Note $random has new algorithm; results may vary vs. previous versions.


  • Better optimize large always block splitting. (#1244) [John Coiner]

  • Add new reloop optimization for repetitive assignment compression.

  • Support string.atoi and similar methods. (#1289) [Joel Holdsworth]

  • Fix internals to be C++ null-pointer-check clean.

  • Fix internals to avoid ‘using namespace std’.

  • Fix Verilation performance issues. (#1316) [John Coiner]

  • Fix clocker attributes to not propagate on concats. [John Coiner]

  • Fix first clock edge and –x-initial-edge. (#1327) [Rupert Swarbrick]

  • Fix compile error on tracing of string arrays. (#1338) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix number parsing with newline after radix. (#1340) [George Cuan]

  • Fix string ?: conditional type resolution. (#1345) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix duplicate symbol error on generate tri. (#1347) [Tomas Dzetkulic]

Verilator 3.926 2018-08-22


  • Add OBJCACHE envvar support to examples and generated Makefiles.

  • Change MODDUP errors to warnings. (#1969) [Marshal Qiao]

  • Fix define argument stringification (`”), broke since 3.914. [Joe DErrico]

  • Fix to ignore Unicode UTF-8 BOM sequences. (#1967) [HyungKi Jeong]

  • Fix std:: build error. (#1322)

  • Fix function inlining inside certain while loops. (#1330) [Julien Margetts]

Verilator 3.924 2018-06-12


  • Renamed –profile-cfuncs to –prof-cfuncs.

  • Report interface ports connected to wrong interface. (#1294) [Todd Strader]

  • When tracing, use scalars on single bit arrays to appease vcddiff.

  • Fix parsing “output signed” in V2K port list, msg2540. [James Jung]

  • Fix parsing error on bad missing #. (#1308) [Dan Kirkham]

  • Fix $clog2 to be in verilog 2005. (#1319) [James Hutchinson]

Verilator 3.922 2018-03-17


  • Support IEEE 1800-2017 as default language.


  • Support trig functions ($sin() etc). (#1281) [Patrick Stewart]

  • Support calling system functions as tasks. (#1285) [Joel Holdsworth]

  • Support assert properties. (#785) (#1290) [John Coiner, et al]

  • Support $writememh. [John Coiner]

  • Add –no-debug-leak to reduce memory use under debug. [John Coiner]

  • Fix severe runtime performance bug in certain foreach loops. [John Coiner]

  • On convergence errors, show activity. [John Coiner]

  • Fix GCC 8.0 issues. (#1273)

  • Fix pullup/pulldowns on bit selects. (#1274) [Rob Stoddard]

  • Fix verilator_coverage –annotate-min. (#1284) [Tymoteusz Blazejczyk]

  • Fix quoting of quoted arguments. [John Coiner]

Verilator 3.920 2018-02-01


  • Moving forward, use the git “stable” branch to track the latest release, and git “v#.###” tags for specific releases.


  • Support ‘assume’ similar to ‘assert’. (#1269) [Dan Gisselquist]

  • Remove c++filt. (#1265) [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Fix tracing example file output. (#1268) [Enzo Chi]

  • Fix gate optimization out of memory, add –gate-stmts. (#1260) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix compile error on public real parameters by suppressing. (#1261) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix input-only tristate comparisons. (#1267) [Alexis G]

  • Fix missing edge type in xml output. (#1955) [Alexis G]

  • Fix compile error with –public and interface bind. (#1264) [Alexis G]

Verilator 3.918 2018-01-02


  • Workaround GCC/clang bug with huge compile times. (#1248)

  • Support DPI open arrays. (#909) (#1245) [David Pierce, Victor Besyakov]

  • Add INFINITELOOP warning. (#1254) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Support > 64 bit decimal $display.

  • Support DPI time and svLogicVal. [Victor Besyakov] Note older version incorrectly assumed svBitVal even for logicals.

  • Support string len() method. [Victor Besyakov]

  • Add error if always_comb has sensitivity list. [Arjen Roodselaar]

  • Fix SystemC 2.3.2 compile error. (#1251) [Tymoteusz Blazejczyk]

  • Fix modport outputs being treated as inputs. (#1246) [Jeff Bush]

  • Fix false ALWCOMBORDER on interface references. (#1247) [Josh Redford]

  • Fix constant propagation across DPI imports of inout strings. [Victor Besyakov]

  • Fix resolving inline nested interface names. (#1250) [Arjen Roodselaar]

  • Fix GCC false warning on array bounds. (#2386)

Verilator 3.916 2017-11-25


  • Support self-recursive modules. (#659) [Sean Moore, et al]

  • Support $error/$warning in elaboration time blocks.

  • Support $size/$bits/etc on type references.

  • Add error when driving input-only modport. (#1110) [Trevor Elbourne]

  • Add BSSPACE and COLONPLUS lint warnings.

  • Detect MSB overflow when under VL_DEBUG. (#1238) [Junyi Xi]

  • Add data types to –xml. [Rui Terra]

  • Fix partial slicing with pattern assignments. (#991) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix false unused warning on interfaces. (#1241) [Laurens van Dam]

  • Fix error on “unique case” with no cases.

  • Fix MacOS portability. (#1232) [Jeff Bush]

Verilator 3.914 2017-10-14


  • Add new examples/ directory with appropriate examples. This replaces the old test_c and test_sc directories.


  • Add –getenv option for simplifying Makefiles.

  • Add –x-initial option for specifying initial value assignment behavior.

  • Add –no-relative-cfuncs and related default optimization. (#1224) [John Coiner]

  • Add /verilator tag/ for XML extraction applications. [Chris Randall]

  • The internal test_verilated test directory is moved to be part of test_regress.

  • The experimental VL_THREADED setting (only, not normal mode) now requires C++11.

  • Fix over-aggressive inlining. (#1223) [John Coiner]

  • Fix Ubuntu 17.10 issues. (#1223 partial). [John Coiner]

  • Fix compiler warning when WIDTH warning ignored on large compare.

  • Fix memory leak in VerilatedVcd dumps. (#1222 partial) [Shareef Jalloq]

  • Fix unnecessary Vdly variables. (#1224 partial) [John Coiner]

  • Fix conditional slices and add related optimizations.

  • Fix `` expansion of `defines. (#1225) (#1227) (#1228) [Odd Magne Reitan]

  • Fix -E duplicating output. (#1226) [Odd Magne Reitan]

  • Fix float-conversion warning. (#1229) [Robert Henry]

  • Fix MacOS portability. (#1230) (#1231) [Jeff Bush]

Verilator 3.912 2017-09-23


  • Verilated headers no longer “use namespace std;” User’s code without “std::” prefixes may need “use namespace std;” to compile.


  • Support or/and/xor array intrinsic methods. (#1210) [Michael Popoloski]

  • Support package export. (#1217) [Usuario Eda]

  • Support module port parameters without defaults. (#1213) [Michael Popoloski]

  • Add performance information to –stats file.

  • Simplify VL_CONST_W macro generation for faster compiles.

  • Optimize improvements for Shift-And, and replication constructs.

  • Fix ordering of arrayed cell wide connections. (#1202 partial) [Michael Popoloski]

  • Fix LITENDIAN warning on arrayed cells. (#1202) [Michael Popoloski]

  • Fix enum ranges without colons. (#1204) [Michael Popoloski]

  • Fix GCC noreturn compile error. (#1209) [Michael Popoloski]

  • Fix constant function default parameters. (#1211) [Michael Popoloski]

  • Fix non-colon array of interface modports. (#1212) [Michael Popoloski]

  • Fix .name connections on interfaces. (#1214) [Michael Popoloski]

  • Fix wide array indices causing compile error.

Verilator 3.910 2017-09-07


  • SystemPerl mode (-sp-deprecated) has been removed.


  • Update keyword warnings to include C++11 and others.

Verilator 3.908 2017-08-28


  • Support x in $readmem. (#1180) [Arthur Kahlich]

  • Support packed struct DPI imports. (#1190) [Rob Stoddard]

  • Fix GCC 6 warnings.

  • Fix compile error on unused VL_VALUEPLUSARGS_IW. (#1181) [Thomas J Whatson]

  • Fix undefined VL_POW_WWI. [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix internal error on unconnected inouts. (#1187) [Rob Stoddard]

Verilator 3.906 2017-06-22


  • Support set_time_unit/set_time_precision in C traces. (#1937)

  • Fix extract of packed array with non-zero LSB. (#1172) [James Pallister]

  • Fix shifts by more than 32-bit numbers. (#1174) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix power operator on wide constants. (#761) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix .* on interface pins. (#1176) [Maciej Piechotka]

Verilator 3.904 2017-05-30


  • Fix non-cutable ordering loops on clock arrays. (#1009) [Todd Strader]

  • Support ports of array of reals. (#1154) [J Briquet]

  • Support arrayed parameter overrides. (#1153) [John Stevenson]

  • Support $value$plusargs with variables. (#1165) [Wesley Terpstra]

  • Support modport access to un-modport objects. (#1161) [Todd Strader]

  • Add stack trace when can’t optimize function. (#1158) [Todd Strader]

  • Add warning on mis-sized literal. (#1156) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix interface functions returning wrong parameters. (#996) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix non-arrayed cells with interface arrays. (#1153) [John Stevenson]

  • Fix –assert with complex case statements. (#1164) [Enzo Chi]

Verilator 3.902 2017-04-02


  • Add -FI option to force includes. (#1916) [Amir Gonnen]

  • Add –relative-includes. [Rob Stoddard]


  • Add error on duplicate pattern assignments. (#1145) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix error on improperly widthed default function. (#984) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix 2009 localparam syntax, msg2139. [Galen Seitz]

  • Fix ugly interface-to-non-interface errors. (#1112) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix LDFLAGS and CFLAGS not preserving order. (#1130) [Olof Kindgren]

  • Fix internal error on initializing parameter array. (#1131) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix internal error on interface arrays. (#1135) [John Stevenson]

  • Fix calling sformatf to display, and elab $displays. (#1139) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix realpath compile issue on MSVC++. (#1141) [Miodrag Milanovic]

  • Fix missing error on interface size mismatch. (#1143) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix error on parameters with dotted references. (#1146) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix wreal not handling continuous assign. (#1150) [J Briquet]

  • Fix nested structure parameter selects. (#1150) [J Briquet]

Verilator 3.900 2017-01-15


  • Internal code changes for improved compatibility and performance.


  • Support old-style $display($time). (#467) [John Demme]

  • With –bbox-unsup, suppress desassign and mixed edges. (#1120) [Galen Seitz]

  • Fix parsing sensitivity with &&. (#934) [Luke Yang]

  • Fix internal error on double-for loop unrolling. (#1044) [Jan Egil Ruud]

  • Fix internal error on unique casez with –assert. (#1117) [Enzo Chi]

  • Fix bad code when tracing array of structs. (#1122) [Andrew Bardsley]

Verilator 3.890 2016-11-25


  • Honor –output-split on coverage constructors. (#1098) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix various issues when making outside of the kit.

  • Fix flex 2.6.2 bug. (#1103) [Sergey Kvachonok]

  • Fix error on bad interface name. (#1097) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix error on referencing variable in parent. (#1099) [Ian Thompson]

  • Fix type parameters with low optimization. (#1101) [Stefan Wallentowitz]

Verilator 3.888 2016-10-14


  • Support foreach. (#1078) [Xuan Guo]


  • Add –no-decoration to remove output comments, msg2015. [Frédéric Requin]

  • If VM_PARALLEL_BUILDS=1, use OPT_FAST and OPT_SLOW. [Frédéric Requin] Set VM_DEFAULT_RULES=0 for old behavior.

  • Add error on DPI functions > 32 bits. (#1898) [Elliot Mednick]

  • Improve Verilation performance on internal strings. (#1896) [Johan Bjork]

  • Improve Verilation performance on trace duplicates. (#1090) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix SystemC compiles with VPI. (#1081) [Arthur Kahlich]

  • Fix error on wide numbers that represent shifts, msg1991. (#1088) [Mandy Xu]

Verilator 3.886 2016-07-30


  • Fix enum values of 11-16 bits wide using .next/.prev. (#1062) [Brian Flachs]

  • Fix false warnings on non-power-2 enums using .next/.prev.

  • Fix comparison of unpacked arrays. (#1071) [Andrew Bardsley]

  • Fix compiler warning in GCC 6. [David Horton]

Verilator 3.884 2016-05-18


  • Support parameter type. (#376) [Alan Hunter, et al]

  • Support command-line -G/+pvalue param overrides. (#1045) [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Add –l2-name option for controlling “v” naming.

  • The default l2 scope name is now the same as the top-level module. (#1050) Use “–l2-name v” for the historical behavior.


  • Fix –output-split of constructors. (#1035) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix removal of empty packages, modules and cells. (#1034) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix core dump on Arch Linux/GCC 6.1.1. (#1058) [Jannis Harder]

  • Fix $value$plusargs to string. (#1880) [Frédéric Requin]

Verilator 3.882 2016-03-01


  • Internal Verilation-time performance enhancements. (#1021) [Johan Bjork]

  • Support inlining interfaces. (#1018) [Johan Bjork]

  • Support SV strings to readmemh. (#1040) [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Fix unrolling complicated for-loop bounds. (#677) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix stats file containing multiple unroll entries. (#1020) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix using short parameter names on negative params. (#1022) [Duraid Madina]

  • Fix read-after-free error. (#1031) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix elaboration-time display warnings. (#1032) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix crash on very deep function trees. (#1028) [Jonathan Kimmitt]

  • Fix slicing mix of big and little-endian. (#1033) [Geoff Barrett]

  • Fix pattern assignment width propagation. (#1037) [Johan Bjork]

Verilator 3.880 2015-12-19


  • Support display %u, %v, %p, %z. (#989) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix real parameters causing bad module names. (#992) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix size-changing cast on packed struct. (#993) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix function calls on arrayed interface. (#994) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix arrayed interfaces. (#879) (#1001) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix constant function assigned to packed structs. (#997) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix interface inside generate. (#998) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix $signed casts under generates. (#999) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix genvar constant propagation. (#1003) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix parameter constant propagation from package. (#1004) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix array slicing of non-const indexes. (#1006) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix dotted generated array error. (#1005) [Jeff Bush, Johan Bjork]

  • Fix error instead of warning on large concat. (#1865) [Paul Rolfe]

  • Fix $bitstoreal constant propagation. (#1012) [Jonathan Kimmitt]

  • Fix model restore crash. (#1013) [Jason McMullan]

  • Fix arrayed instances to unpacked of same size. (#1015) [Varun Koyyalagunta]

  • Fix slices of unpacked arrays with non-zero LSBs.

  • Fix ternary operation with unpacked array. (#1017) [Varun Koyyalagunta].

Verilator 3.878 2015-11-01


  • Add –vpi flag, and fix VPI linkage. (#969) [Arthur Kahlich]

  • Support genvar indexes into arrayed cells. (#517) [Todd Strader]

  • Support $sformatf. (#977) [Johan Bjork]

  • Support elaboration assertions. (#973) [Johan Bjork]

  • Support $display with non-format arguments. (#467) [Jamey Hicks]


  • Add VerilatedScopeNameMap for introspection. (#966) [Todd Strader]

  • Ignore %l in $display. (#983) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix very long module names. (#937) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix internal error on dotted refs into generates. (#958) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix structure parameter constant propagation. (#968) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix enum constant propagation. (#970) [Todd Strader]

  • Fix mis-optimizing public DPI functions. (#963) [Wei Song]

  • Fix package:scope.scope variable references.

  • Fix $fwrite to constant stderr/stdout. (#961) [Wei Song]

  • Fix method calls. (#855) [Jonathon Donaldson]

  • Fix dot indexing into arrayed inferfaces. (#978) [Johan Bjork]

  • Fix crash in commandArgsPlusMatch. (#987) [Jamie Iles]

  • Fix error message on missing interface. (#985) [Todd Strader]

Verilator 3.876 2015-08-12


  • Add tracing_on, etc to vlt files. (#932) [Frédéric Requin]

  • Support extraction of enum bits. (#951) [Jonathon Donaldson]

  • Fix MinGW compiler error. (#927) (#929) [Hans Tichelaar]

  • Fix .c files to be treated as .cpp. (#930) [Jonathon Donaldson]

  • Fix string-to-int space conversion. (#931) [Fabrizio Ferrandi]

  • Fix dpi imports inside generates. [Michael Tresidder]

  • Fix rounding in trace $timescale. (#946) [Frédéric Requin]

  • Fix $fopen with SV string. (#947) [Sven Stucki]

  • Fix hashed error with typedef inside block. (#948) [Sven Stucki]

  • Fix makefile with –coverage. (#953) [Eivind Liland]

  • Fix coverage documentation. (#954) [Thomas J Whatson]

  • Fix parameters with function parameter arguments. (#952) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix size casts as second argument of cast item. (#950) [Jonathon Donaldson]

Verilator 3.874 2015-06-06


  • Add pkg-config .pc file. (#919) [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Fix installing missing manpages. (#908) [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]

  • Fix sign extension in large localparams. (#910) [Mike Thyer]

  • Fix core dump in sync-async warnings. (#911) [Sebastian Dressler]

  • Fix truncation warning with -pins-bv. (#912) [Alfonso Martinez]

  • Fix Cygwin uint32 compile. (#914) [Matthew Barr]

  • Fix preprocessing stringified newline escapes. (#915) [Anton Rapp]

  • Fix part-select in constant function. (#916) [Andrew Bardsley]

  • Fix width extension on mis-width ports. (#918) [Patrick Maupin]

  • Fix width propagation on sized casts. (#925) [Jonathon Donaldson]

  • Fix MSVC++ compiler error. (#927) [Hans Tichelaar]

Verilator 3.872 2015-04-05


  • Add VerilatedVcdFile to allow real-time waveforms. (#890) [HyungKi Jeong]

  • Add –clk and related optimizations. (#1840) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix order of C style arrays. [Duraid Madina]

  • Add –dump-treei-<srcfile>. (#894) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix comma-instantiations with parameters. (#884) [Franck Jullien]

  • Fix SystemC arrayed bit vectors. (#886) [David Poole]

  • Fix compile error on MinGW. (#887) [HyungKi Jeong]

Verilator 3.870 2015-02-12


  • Suppress COMBDLY when inside always_latch. (#864) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Support cast operator with expression size. (#865) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Add warning on slice selection out of bounds. (#875) [Cong Van Nguyen].

  • Fix member select error broke in 3.868. (#867) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix $sccanf from string. (#866) [David Pierce]

  • Fix VM_PARALLEL_BUILDS broke in 3.868. (#870) [Hiroki Honda]

  • Fix non-ANSI modport instantiations. (#868) [Kevin Thompson]

  • Fix UNOPTFLAT change detect on multidim arrays. (#872) [Andrew Bardsley]

  • Fix slice connections of arrays to ports. (#880) [Varun Koyyalagunta]

  • Fix mis-optimizing gate assignments in unopt blocks. (#881) [Mike Thyer]

  • Fix sign extension of pattern members. (#882) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix clang compile warnings.

Verilator 3.868 2014-12-20


  • New verilator_coverage program added to replace SystemPerl’s vcoverage.

  • PSL support was removed, please use System Verilog assertions.

  • SystemPerl mode is deprecated and now untested.


  • Support enum.first/name and similar methods. (#460) (#848)

  • Add ‘string’ printing and comparisons. (#746) (#747) etc.

  • Inline C functions that are used only once. (#1838) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix tracing SystemC signals with structures. (#858) [Eivind Liland] Note that SystemC traces will no longer show the signals in the wrapper, they can be seen one level further down.

  • Add –stats-vars. (#851) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix bare generates in interfaces. (#789) [Bob Newgard]

  • Fix underscores in real literals. (#863) [Jonathon Donaldson]

Verilator 3.866 2014-11-15


  • Fix +define+A+B to define A and B to match other simulators. (#847) [Adam Krolnik]

  • Add optimization of wires from arrayed cells. (#1831) [Jie Xu]

  • Add optimization of operators between concats. (#1831) [Jie Xu]

  • Add public enums. (#833) [Jonathon Donaldson]

  • Trace_off now operates on cells. (#826) [Lane Brooks]

  • Fix public parameters in unused packages. (#804) [Jonathon Donaldson]

  • Fix select when partially out-of-bound. (#823) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix generate unrolling with function call. (#830) [Steven Slatter]

  • Fix cast-to-size context-determined sizing. (#828) [Geoff Barrett]

  • Fix not tracing modules following primitives. (#837) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix trace overflow on huge arrays. (#834) [Geoff Barrett]

  • Fix quoted comment slashes in defines. (#845) [Adam Krolnik]

Verilator 3.864 2014-09-21


  • Support power operator with real. (#809) [Jonathon Donaldson]

  • Improve verilator_profcfunc time attributions. [Jonathon Donaldson]

  • Fix duplicate anonymous structures in $root. (#788) [Bob Newgard]

  • Fix mis-optimization of bit-swap in wide signal. (#800) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix error when tracing public parameters. (#722) [Jonathon Donaldson]

  • Fix dpiGetContext in dotted scopes. (#740) [Geoff Barrett]

  • Fix over-shift structure optimization error. (#803) [Jeff Bush]

  • Fix optional parameter keyword in module #(). (#810) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix $warning/$error multi-argument ordering. (#816) [Jonathon Donaldson]

  • Fix clang warnings. (#818) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix string formats under deep expressions. (#820) [Iztok Jeras]

Verilator 3.862 2014-06-10


  • Using command line -Wno-{WARNING} now overrides file-local lint_on.

  • Add -P to suppress `line and blanks with preprocessing. (#781) [Derek Lockhart]

  • Support SV 2012 package import before port list.

  • Change SYMRSVDWORD to print as warning rather than error.

  • Fix seg-fault with variable of parameterized interface. (#692) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix false name conflict on cells in generate blocks. (#749) [Igor Lesik]

  • Fix pattern assignment to basic types. (#767) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix pattern assignment to conditionals. (#769) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix shift corner-cases. (#765) (#766) (#768) (#772) (#774) (#776) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix C compiler interpreting signing. (#773) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix late constant division by zero giving X error. (#775) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix gate primitives with arrays and non-arrayed pins.

  • Fix DETECTARRAY error on packed arrays. (#770) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix ENDLABEL warnings on escaped identifiers.

  • Fix string corruption. (#780) [Derek Lockhart]

Verilator 3.860 2014-05-11


  • PSL is no longer supported, please use System Verilog assertions.

  • Support ‘{} assignment pattern on arrays. (#355)

  • Support streaming operators. (#649) [Glen Gibb]

  • Fix expression problems with -Wno-WIDTH. (#729) (#736) (#737) (#759) Where WIDTH warnings were ignored this might result in different warning messages and results, though it should better match the spec. [Clifford Wolf]


  • Add –no-trace-params.

  • Add assertions on ‘unique if’. (#725) [Jeff Bush]

  • Add PINCONNECTEMPTY warning. [Holger Waechtler]

  • Support parameter arrays. (#683) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Documentation fixes. (#723) [Glen Gibb]

  • Support {} in always sensitivity lists. (#745) [Igor Lesik]

  • Fix begin_keywords “1800+VAMS”. (#1806)

  • Fix tracing of package variables and real arrays.

  • Fix tracing of packed arrays without –trace-structs. (#742) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix missing coverage line on else-if. (#727) [Sharad Bagri]

  • Fix modport function import not-found error.

  • Fix power operator calculation. (#730) (#735) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix reporting struct members as reserved words. (#741) [Chris Randall]

  • Fix change detection error on unions. (#758) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix -Wno-UNOPTFLAT change detection with 64-bits. (#762) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix shift-right optimization. (#763) [Clifford Wolf]

  • Fix Mac OS-X test issues. [Holger Waechtler]

  • Fix C++-2011 warnings.

Verilator 3.856 2014-03-11


  • Support case inside. (#708) [Jan Egil Ruud]

  • Add parameters into trace files. (#706) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix parsing “#0 ‘b0”. (#256)

  • Fix array bound checks on real variables.

  • Fix –skip-identical mis-detecting on OS-X. (#707)

  • Fix missing VL_SHIFTRS_IQI with WIDTH warning. (#714) [Fabrizio Ferrandi]

  • Fix signed shift right optimization. (#715) [Fabrizio Ferrandi]

  • Fix internal error on “input x =” syntax error. (#716) [Lane Brooks]

  • Fix slice extraction from packed array. (#717) [Jan Egil Ruud]

  • Fix inside statement EQWILD error. (#718) [Jan Egil Ruud]

Verilator 3.855 2014-01-18


  • Support modport import. (#696) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Add –trace-structs to show struct names. (#673) [Chris Randall]

  • Fix tracing of packed structs. (#705) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix –lint-only with MinGW. (#1813) [HyungKi Jeong]

  • Fix some delayed assignments of typedefed unpacked arrays.

  • Fix wire declarations with size and not range. (#466) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix parameter pin vs. normal pin error. (#704) [Alex Solomatnikov]

Verilator 3.854 2013-11-26


  • Add UNPACKED warning to convert unpacked structs. [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Add –compiler clang to work around compiler bug. (#694) [Stefan Ludwig]

  • Support vpi_get of vpiSuppressVal. (#687) [Varun Koyyalagunta]

  • Support vpi_get_time. (#688) [Varun Koyyalagunta]

  • Fix evaluation of chained parameter functions. (#684) [Ted Campbell]

  • Fix enum value extension of ‘1.

  • Fix multiple VPI variable callbacks. (#679) [Rich Porter]

  • Fix vpi_get of vpiSize. (#680) [Rich Porter]

  • Fix vpi_remove_cb inside callback. (#689) [Varun Koyyalagunta]

  • Fix crash with coverage of structures. (#691) [Eivind Liland]

  • Fix array assignment from const var. (#693) [Jie Xu]

Verilator 3.853 2013-09-30


  • Add –no-order-clock-delay to work around #613. [Charlie Brej]

Verilator 3.852 2013-09-29


  • Support named function and task arguments. [Chris Randall]

  • Report SELRANGE warning for non-generate if. (#675) [Roland Kruse]

  • Fix ordering of $fgetc. (#1808) [Frédéric Requin]

  • Fix –output-split-cfunc to count internal functions. [Chris Randall]

  • Fix crash on 32-bit Ubuntu. (#670) [Mark Jackson Pulver]

Verilator 3.851 2013-08-15


  • Fix ordering of clock enables with delayed assigns. (#613) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix vpi_iterate on memory words. (#655) [Rich Porter]

  • Fix final duplicate declarations when non-inlined. (#661) [Charlie Brej]

  • Fix interface ports with comma lists. (#1779) [Ed Lander]

  • Fix parameter real conversion from integer.

  • Fix clang warnings. (#668) [Yutetsu Takatsukasa]

Verilator 3.850 2013-06-02


  • Support interfaces and modports. (#102) [Byron Bradley, Jeremy Bennett]


  • Duplicate clock gate optimization on by default. (#621)

  • Fix arrayed input compile error. (#645) [Krzysztof Jankowski]

  • Fix GCC version runtime changes. (#651) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix packed array select internal error. (#652) [Krzysztof Jankowski]

Verilator 3.847 2013-05-11


  • Add ALWCOMBORDER warning. [KC Buckenmaier]

  • Add –pins-sc-uint and –pins-sc-biguint. (#638) [Alex Hornung]

  • Support “signal[vec]++”.

  • Fix simulation error when inputs and MULTIDRIVEN. (#634) [Ted Campbell]

  • Fix module resolution with __. (#631) [Jason McMullan]

  • Fix packed array non-zero right index select crash. (#642) [Krzysztof Jankowski]

  • Fix nested union crash. (#643) [Krzysztof Jankowski]

Verilator 3.846 2013-03-09


  • IEEE 1800-2012 is now the default language. This adds 4 new keywords and updates the svdpi.h and vpi_user.h header files.

  • Add –report-unoptflat. (#611) [Jeremy Bennett]


  • Add duplicate clock gate optimization. (#1772) [Varun Koyyalagunta] Disabled unless -OD or -O3 used, please try it as may get some significant speedups.

  • Support pattern assignment features. (#616) (#617) (#618) [Ed Lander]

  • Support bind in $unit. (#602) [Ed Lander]

  • Support <number>’() sized casts. (#628) [Ed Lander]

  • Fix wrong dot resolution under inlining. [Art Stamness]

  • Fix DETECTARRAY on packed structures. (#610) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix LITENDIAN on unpacked structures. (#614) [Wai Sum Mong]

  • Fix 32-bit OS VPI scan issue. (#615) [Jeremy Bennett, Rich Porter]

  • Fix opening a VerilatedVcdC file multiple times. (#1774) [Frédéric Requin]

  • Fix UNOPTFLAT circular array bounds crossing. (#630) [Jie Xu]

Verilator 3.845 2013-02-04


  • Fix nested packed arrays and struct. (#600) [Jeremy Bennett] Packed arrays are now represented as a single linear vector in Verilated models. This may affect packed arrays that are public or accessed via the VPI.

  • Support wires with data types. (#608) [Ed Lander]

  • Support bind, to module names only. (#602) [Ed Lander]

  • Support VPI product info, warning calls, etc. (#588) [Rick Porter]

  • Support $left, $right and related functions. (#448) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Support inside expressions.

  • Define SYSTEMVERILOG, SV_COV_START and other IEEE mandated predefines.

  • Fix pin width mismatch error. (#595) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix implicit one bit parameter selection. (#603) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix signed/unsigned parameter misconversion. (#606) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix segfault on multidimensional dotted arrays. (#607) [Jie Xu]

  • Fix per-bit array output connection error. (#414) [Jan Egil Ruud]

  • Fix package logic var compile error.

  • Fix enums with X values.

Verilator 3.844 2013-01-09


  • Support “unsigned int” DPI import functions. (#1770) [Alex Lee]

  • Fix package resolution of parameters. (#586) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix non-integer vpi_get_value. (#587) [Rich Porter]

  • Fix task inlining under $display and case. (#589) (#598) [Holger Waechtler]

  • Fix package import of non-localparam parameter. (#474) (#591) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix package import of package imports, partial #592. [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix package import preventing local var. (#599) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix array extraction of implicit vars. (#601) [Joe Eiler]

Verilator 3.843 2012-12-01


  • Add +1364-1995ext and similar language options. (#532) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix mis-optimized identical submodule subtract. (#581) [Charlie Brej]

  • Fix crash on dotted references into dead modules. (#583) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix compile issues on MSVCC. (#571) (#577) [Amir Gonnen]

  • Fix –debug overriding preceding –dump-treei. (#580) [Jeremy Bennett]

Verilator 3.842 2012-11-03


  • Add -x-initial-edge. (#570) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix parameter pins interspersed with cells broke in 3.840. [Bernard Deadman]

  • Fix large shift error on large shift constants. [David Welch]

  • Fix $display mangling on GCC 4.7 and speed up. (#1765) (#373) (#574) [R Diez]

  • Fix array of struct references giving false error. (#566) [Julius Baxter]

  • Fix missing var access functions when no DPI. (#572) [Amir Gonnen]

  • Fix name collision on unnamed blocks. (#567) [Chandan Egbert]

  • Fix name collision on task inputs. (#569) [Chandan Egbert]

Verilator 3.841 2012-09-03


  • Add –savable to support model save/restore. [Jeremy Bennett]


  • Support ‘{} assignment pattern on structures, part of #355.

  • Fix double-deep parameter cell WIDTHs. (#541) [Hiroki Honda]

  • Fix imports under multiple instantiated cells. (#542) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix defparam in generate broke in 3.840. (#543) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix duplicate begin error broke in 3.840. (#548) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix triangle symbol resolution error broke in 3.840. (#550) [Ted Campbell]

Verilator 3.840 2012-07-31 Beta


  • Rewrote tristate handling; supports tri0, tri1, tristate bit selects, concatenates and pullup/pulldowns. (#395) (#56) (#54) (#51) [Alex Solomatnikov, Lane Brooks, et al]

  • Support packed structures and unions. (#181) Note this was a major internal change that may lead to some instability.


  • Support tri0 and tri1. (#462) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Support nmos and pmos. (#488) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Add INITIALDLY warning on initial assignments. (#478) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Add PINMISSING and PINNOCONNECT lint checks.

  • Add –converge-limit option.

  • Fix generate operators not short circuiting. (#413) [by Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix parameters not supported in constant functions. (#474) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix duplicate warnings/errors. (#516) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix signed extending biops with WIDTH warning off. (#511) [Junji Hashimoto]

  • Fix ITOD internal error on real conversions. (#491) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix input and real loosing real data type. (#501) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix imports causing symbol table error. (#490) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix newlines in radix values. (#507) [Walter Lavino]

  • Fix loop error message to report line. (#513) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix false UNUSED warning on file system calls.

  • Fix GCC 4.7.0 compile warnings. (#530) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix svdpi.h compile error on Apple OS.

  • Fix compile error under git submodules. (#534) [Aurelien Francillon]

Verilator 3.833 2012-04-15


  • Support += and -= in standard for loops. (#463) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix processing unused parameterized modules. (#469) (#470) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Add SELRANGE as warning instead of error. (#477) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Add readme.pdf and internal.pdf and doxygen. (#483) [by Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix change detections on arrays. (#364) [John Stevenson, Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix signed array warning. (#456) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix genvar and begin under generate. (#461) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix real constant parameter functions. (#475) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix and document –gdb option. (#454) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix OpenSolaris compile error. [Sanjay Singh]

Verilator 3.832 2012-03-07


  • Fix memory delayed assignments from multiple clock domains. [Andrew Ling]

  • Support arrayed SystemC I/O pins. [Christophe Joly]

  • Report MULTIDRIVEN on memories set in multiple clock domains.

  • Report ENDLABEL on mismatching end labels. (#450) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix expansion of back-slashed escaped macros. (#441) [Alberto Del Rio]

  • Fix inheriting real and signed type across untyped parameters.

  • Fix core dump with over 100 deep UNOPTFLAT. (#432) [Joe Eiler]

  • Fix false command not found warning in makefiles. [Ruben Diez]

  • Fix hang when functions inside begin block. [David Welch]

  • Fix hang on recursive substitution `defines. (#443) [Alex Solomatnikov]

Verilator 3.831 2012-01-20


  • Support SystemC 2.3.0 prerelease. This requires setting the new SYSTEMC_INCLUDE and SYSTEMC_LIBDIR variables in place of now deprecated SYSTEMC and SYSTEMC_ARCH. [Iztok Jeras]


  • Suppress VARHIDDEN on dpi import arguments. [Ruben Diez]

  • Support “generate for (genvar i=0; …”. [David Kravitz]

  • Fix dpi exports with > 32 bit but < 64 bit args. (#423) [Chandan Egbert]

  • Fix array of instantiations with sub-range output. (#414) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix BLKSEQ warnings on variables declared inside always. [Ruben Diez]

Verilator 3.830 2011-11-27


  • With “–language VAMS” support a touch of Verilog AMS. [Holger Waechtler]


  • Add sc_bv attribute to force bit vectors. (#402) [by Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Search for user -y paths before default current directory. [Ruben Diez]

  • Support constants in sensitivity lists. (#412) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Support $system. [Ruben Diez]

  • Support $sscanf with %g. [Holger Waechtler]

  • Indicate ‘exiting due to errors’ if errors, not warnings. [Ruben Diez]

  • Fix bad result with if-else-return optimization. (#420) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix reporting not found modules if generate-off. (#403) [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix $display with %d following %g. [Holger Waechtler]

Verilator 3.824 2011-10-25


  • Fix “always @ (* )”. (#403) (#404) [Walter Lavino]

  • Add ASSIGNIN as suppressible error. [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix 3.823 constructor core dump on Debian. (#401) [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]

Verilator 3.823 2011-10-20


  • Support $ceil, $floor, etc. [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Add configure options for cc warnings and extended tests. [Ruben Diez]

  • Add -Wall reporting ASSIGNDLY on assignment delays. [Ruben Diez]

  • Fix UNDRIVEN warnings inside DPI import functions. [Ruben Diez]

  • Fix –help output to go to stderr, not stdout. (#397) [Ruben Diez]

  • Fix DPI import output of 64 bits. (#398) [Mike Denio]

  • Fix DPI import false BLKSEQ warnings. [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix MSVC compile warning with trunc/round. (#394) [Amir Gonnen]

  • Fix autoconf and Makefile warnings. (#396) [Ruben Diez]

Verilator 3.821 2011-09-14


  • Fix PowerPC runtime error. (#288) [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]

  • Fix internal error on integer casts. (#374) [Chandan Egbert]

Verilator 3.820 2011-07-28


  • Support ‘real’ numbers and related functions.

  • Support ‘const’ variables in limited cases; similar to enums. [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Support disable for loop escapes.

  • Support $fopen and I/O with integer instead of `verilator_file_descriptor.

  • Support coverage in -cc and -sc output modes. [John Li] Note this requires SystemPerl 1.338 or newer.

  • Use ‘vluint64_t’ for SystemC instead of (same sized) ‘uint64’ for MSVC++.

  • Fix vpi_register_cb using bad s_cb_data. (#370) [by Thomas Watts]

  • Fix $display missing leading zeros in %0d. (#367) [Alex Solomatnikov]

Verilator 3.813 2011-06-28


  • Support bit vectors > 64 bits wide in DPI import and exports.

  • Fix out of memory on slice syntax error. (#354) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix error on enum references to other packages. (#339) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix DPI undeclared svBitVecVal compile error. (#346) [Chandan Egbert]

  • Fix DPI bit vector compile errors. (#347) (#359) [Chandan Egbert]

  • Fix CDCRSTLOGIC report showing endpoint flops without resets.

  • Fix compiler warnings on SPARC. (#288) [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]

Verilator 3.812 2011-04-06


  • Add –trace-max-width and –trace-max-array. (#319) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Add –Wno-fatal to turn off abort on warnings. [by Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Support ${…} and $(…) env vars in .vc files. [by Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Support $bits(data_type). (#327) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Support loop unrolling on width mismatches. (#333) [Joe Eiler]

  • Support simple cast operators. (#335) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Accelerate bit-selected inversions.

  • Add error on circular parameter definitions. (#329) [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Fix concatenates and vectored bufif1. (#326) [Iztok Jeras]

Verilator 3.811 2011-02-14


  • Report error on duplicated or empty pins. (#321) [Christian Leber]

  • Report error on function call output tied to constant. [Bernard Deadman]

  • Throw UNUSED/UNDRIVEN only once per net in a parameterized module.

  • Fix internal error on functions called as SV tasks. [Bernard Deadman]

  • Fix internal error on non-inlined inout pins. [Jeff Winston]

  • Fix false BLKSEQ on non-unrolled for loop indexes. [Jeff Winston]

  • Fix block comment not separating identifiers. (#311) [Gene Sullivan]

  • Fix warnings to point to lowest net usage, not upper level ports.

  • Fix error on constants connected to outputs. (#323) [Christian Leber]

Verilator 3.810 2011-01-03


  • Add limited support for VPI access to public signals, see docs.

  • Add -F option to read relative option files. (#297) [Neil Hamilton]

  • Support ++,–,+= etc as standalone statements. [Alex Solomatnikov]

  • Add -Wall, -Wwarn-style, -Wno-style to enable code style warnings that have been added to this release, and disabled by default:

  • With –Wall, add BLKSEQ warning on blocking assignments in seq blocks.

  • With –Wall, add DECLFILENAME warning on modules not matching filename.

  • With –Wall, add DEFPARAM warning on deprecated defparam statements.

  • With –Wall, add IFDEPTH warning on deep if statements.

  • With –Wall, add INCABSPATH warning on `include with absolute paths.

  • With –Wall, add SYNCASYNCNET warning on mixed sync/async reset nets.

  • With –Wall, add UNDRIVEN warning on undriven nets.

  • With –Wall, add UNUSED warning on unused nets.


  • When running with VERILATOR_ROOT, optionally find binaries under bin.

  • Suppress WIDTH warnings when adding/subtracting 1’b1.

  • The VARHIDDEN warning is now disabled by default, use -Wall to enable.

Verilator 3.805 2010-11-02


  • Add warning when directory contains spaces. (#1705) [Salman Sheikh]

  • Fix wrong filename on include file errors. (#289) [Brad Parker]

  • Fix segfault on SystemVerilog “output wire foo=0”. (#291) [Joshua Wise]

  • Fix DPI export name not found. (#1703) [Terry Chen]

Verilator 3.804 2010-09-20


  • Support tracing/coverage of underscore signals. (#280) [by Jason McMullan]

  • Increase define recursions before error. [Paul Liu]

  • On core dump, print debug suggestions.

  • Fix preprocessor `` of existing base define. (#283) [Usha Priyadharshini]

Verilator 3.803 2010-07-10


  • Fix preprocessor preservation of newlines across macro substitutions.

  • Fix preprocessor stringification of nested macros.

  • Fix some constant parameter functions causing crash. (#253) [Nick Bowler]

  • Fix do {…} while() not requiring final semicolon.

Verilator 3.802 2010-05-01


  • Support runtime access to public signal names.

  • Add /verilator public_flat_rw/ for timing-specific public access.

  • Fix word size to match uint64_t on -m64 systems. (#238) [Joe Eiler]

  • Improve error handling on slices of arrays. (#226) [by Byron Bradley]

  • Report errors when extra underscores used in meta-comments.

  • Fix bit reductions on multi-packed dimensions. (#227) [by Byron Bradley]

  • Fix removing $fscanf if assigned to unused var. (#248) [Ashutosh Das]

  • Fix “make install” with configure outside srcdir. [Stefan Wallentowitz]

  • Fix loop unroller out of memory; change –unroll-stmts. [Ashutosh Das]

  • Fix trace files with empty modules crashing some viewers.

  • Fix parsing single files > 2GB. [Jeffrey Short]

  • Fix installing data files as non-executable. (#168) [by Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]

Verilator 3.801 2010-03-17


  • Support “break”, “continue”, “return”.

  • Support “`default_nettype none|wire”. [Dominic Plunkett]

  • Skip SystemC tests if not installed. [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix clock-gates with non-AND complex logic. (#220) [Ashutosh Das]

  • Fix flushing VCD buffers on $stop. [Ashutosh Das]

  • Fix Mac OS-X compile issues. (#217) [Joshua Wise, Trevor Williams]

  • Fix make uninstall. (#216) [Iztok Jeras]

  • Fix parameterized defines with empty arguments.

Verilator 3.800 2010-02-07

Major application visible changes:

  • SystemPerl is no longer required for tracing. Applications must use VerilatedVcdC class in place of SpTraceVcdC.

  • SystemVerilog 1800-2009 is now the default language. Thus “global” etc are now keywords. See the –language option.

Major new features:

  • Support SystemVerilog types “byte”, “chandle”, “int”, “longint”, “shortint”, “time”, “var” and “void” in variables and functions.

  • Support “program”, “package”, “import” and $unit.

  • Support typedef and enum. [by Donal Casey]

  • Support direct programming interface (DPI) “import” and “export”. Includes an extension to map user $system PLI calls to the DPI.

  • Support assignments of multidimensional slices. (#170) [by Byron Bradley]

  • Support multidimensional inputs/outputs. (#171) [by Byron Bradley]

  • Support “reg [1:0][1:0][1:0]” and “reg x [3][2]”. (#176) [Byron Bradley]

  • Support declarations in loop initializers. (#172) [by Byron Bradley]

  • Support $test$plusargs and $value$plusargs, but see the docs!

  • Support $sformat and $swrite.

  • Support 1800-2009 define defaults and `undefineall.

  • Add -CFLAGS, -LDFLAGS, <file>.a, <file>.o, and <file>.so options.

  • Speed compiles by avoiding including the STL iostream header. Application programs may need to include it themselves to avoid errors.

  • Add experimental clock domain crossing checks.

  • Add experimental –pipe-filter to filter all Verilog input.

  • Add experimental config files to filter warnings outside of the source.

  • Add VARHIDDEN warning when signal name hides module name.

  • Support optional cell parenthesis. (#179) [by Byron Bradley]

  • Support for-loop i++, ++i, i–, –i. (#175) [by Byron Bradley]

  • Support 1800-2009 /comments/ in define values.

  • Add Makefile VM_GLOBAL_FAST, listing objects needed to link executables.

  • Add –bbox-unsup option to black-box unsupported UDP tables.

  • Add -Wno-MODDUP option to allow duplicate modules.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix implicit variable issues. (#196) (#201) [Byron Bradley]

  • Fix ‘for’ variable typing. (#205) [by Byron Bradley]

  • Fix tracing with –pins-bv 1. (#195) [Michael S]

  • Fix MSVC++ 2008 compile issues. (#209) [Amir Gonnen]

  • Fix MinGW compilation. (#184) (#214) [by Shankar Giri, Amir Gonnen]

  • Fix Cygwin 1.7.x compiler error with uint32_t. (#204) [Ivan Djordjevic]

  • Fix `define argument mis-replacing system task of same name. (#191)

  • Fix Verilator core dump on wide integer divides. (#178) [Byron Bradley]

  • Fix lint_off/lint_on meta comments on same line as warning.

Verilator 3.720 2009-10-26


  • Support little endian bit vectors (“reg [0:2] x;”).

  • Support division and modulus of > 64 bit vectors. [Gary Thomas]


  • Fix writing to out-of-bounds arrays writing element 0.

  • Fix core dump with SystemVerilog var declarations under unnamed begins.

  • Fix VCD files showing internal flattened hierarchy, broke in 3.714.

  • Fix cell port connection to unsized integer causing false width warning.

  • Fix erroring on strings with backslashed newlines. (#168) [Pete Nixon]

Verilator 3.714 2009-09-18


  • Add –bbox-sys option to blackbox $system calls.


  • Support generate for var++, var–, ++var, –var.

  • Improved warning when “do” used as identifier.

  • Don’t require SYSTEMPERL_INCLUDE if SYSTEMPERL/src exists. [Gary Thomas]

  • Fix deep defines causing flex scanner overflows. [Brad Dobbie]

  • Fix preprocessing commas in deep parameterized macros. [Brad Dobbie]

  • Fix tracing escaped dotted identifiers. (#107)

  • Fix $display with uppercase %M.

  • Fix –error-limit option being ignored.

Verilator 3.713 2009-08-04


  • Support constant function calls for parameters. [many!]

  • Support SystemVerilog “logic”. (#101) [by Alex Duller]

  • Name SYMRSVDWORD error, and allow disabling it. (#103) [Gary Thomas]

  • Fix escaped preprocessor identifiers. (#106) [Nimrod Gileadi]

Verilator 3.712 2009-07-14


  • Patching SystemC is no longer required to trace sc_bvs.


  • Add verilator –pins-uint8 option to use sc_in<uint8_t/uint16_t>.

  • Add verilator -V option, to show verbose version.

  • Add BLKLOOPINIT error code, and describe –unroll-count. [Jeff Winston]

  • Support zero-width constants in concatenations. [Jeff Winston]

  • On WIDTH warnings, show variable name causing error. [Jeff Winston]

Verilator 3.711 2009-06-23


  • Support decimal constants of arbitrary widths. [Mark Marshall]

  • Fix error on case statement with all duplicate items. (#99) [Gary Thomas]

  • Fix segfault on unrolling for’s with bad inits. (#90) [Andreas Olofsson]

  • Fix tristates causing “Assigned pin is neither…”. [by Lane Brooks]

  • Fix compiler errors under Fedora release candidate 11. [Chitlesh Goorah]

Verilator 3.710 2009-05-19


  • Verilator is now licensed under LGPL v3 and/or Artistic v2.0.


  • `__FILE__ now expands to a string, per draft SystemVerilog 2010(ish).

  • The front end parser has been re-factored to enable more SV parsing. Code should parse the same, but minor parsing bugs may pop up.

  • Verilator_includer is no longer installed twice. (#48) [Lane Brooks]

  • Fix escaped identifiers with ‘.’ causing conflicts. (#83) [J Baxter]

  • Fix define formal arguments that contain newlines. (#84) [David A]

Verilator 3.703 2009-05-02


  • Fix $clog2 calculation error with powers-of-2. (#81) [Patricio Kaplan]

  • Fix error with tasks that have output first. (#78) [Andrea Foletto]

  • Fix “cloning” error with -y/–top-module. (#76) [Dimitris Nalbantis]

  • Fix segfault with error on bad –top-module. (#79) [Dimitris Nalbantis]

  • Fix “redefining I” error with complex includes. [Duraid Madina]

  • Fix GCC 4.3.2 compile warnings.

Verilator 3.702 2009-03-28


  • Add –pins-bv option to use sc_bv for all ports. [Brian Small]

  • Add SYSTEMPERL_INCLUDE envvar to assist RPM builds. [Chitlesh Goorah]

  • Report errors when duplicate labels are used. (#72) [Vasu Kandadi]

  • Fix the SC_MODULE name() to not include __PVT__. [Bob Fredieu]

Verilator 3.701 2009-02-26


  • Support repeat and forever statements. [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Add –debugi-<srcfile> option, for internal debugging. [Dennis Muhlestein]

  • Fix compile issues with GCC 4.3. (#47) [Lane Brooks]

  • Fix VL_RANDom to better randomize bits. [Art Stamness]

  • Fix error messages to consistently go to stderr. [Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix left associativity for ?: operators.

Verilator 3.700 2009-01-08


  • Support limited tristate inouts. Written by Lane Brooks, under support by Ubixum Inc. This allows common pad ring and tristate-mux structures to be Verilated. See the documentation for more information on supported constructs.

  • Add –coverage_toggle for toggle coverage analysis. Running coverage now requires SystemPerl 1.301 or newer.

  • Add coverage_on/_off metacomments to bracket coverage regions.


  • Support posedge of bit-selected signals. (#45) [Rodney Sinclair]

  • Optimize two-level shift and and/or trees, +23% on one test.

  • Line coverage now aggregates by hierarchy automatically. Previously this would be done inside SystemPerl, which was slower.

  • Minor performance improvements of Verilator compiler runtime.

  • Coverage of each parameterized module is counted separately. [Bob Fredieu]

  • Fix creating parameterized modules when no parameter values are changed.

  • Fix certain generate-if cells causing “clone” error. [Stephane Laurent]

  • Fix line coverage of public functions. [Soon Koh]

  • Fix SystemC 2.2 deprecated warnings about sensitive() and sc_start().

  • Fix arrayed variables under function not compiling. (#44) [Ralf Karge]

  • Fix –output-split-cfuncs to also split trace code. [Niranjan Prabhu]

  • Fix ‘bad select range’ warning missing some cases. (#43) [Lane Brooks]

  • Fix internal signal names containing control characters (broke in 3.680).

  • Fix compile error on Ubuntu 8.10. [Christopher Boumenot]

  • Fix internal error on “output x; reg x = y;”.

  • Fix wrong result for read of delayed FSM signal. (#46) [Rodney Sinclair]

Verilator 3.681 2008-11-12


  • Support SystemVerilog unique and priority case.

  • Include Verilog file’s directory name in coverage reports.

  • Fix ‘for’ under ‘generate-for’ causing error. (#38) [Rafael Shirakawa]

  • Fix coverage hierarchy being backwards with inlining. [Vasu Arasanipalai]

  • Fix GCC 4.3 compile error. (#35) [Lane Brooks]

  • Fix MSVC compile error. (#42) [John Stroebel]

Verilator 3.680 2008-10-08


  • Support negative bit indexes. [Stephane Laurent] Tracing negative indexes requires latest Verilog-Perl and SystemPerl.


  • Suppress width warnings between constant strings and wider vectors. [Rodney Sinclair]

  • Ignore SystemVerilog timeunit and timeprecision.

  • Expand environment variables in -f input files. [Lawrence Butcher]

  • Report error if port declaration is missing. (#32) [Guy-Armand Kamendje]

  • Fix genvars causing link error when using –public. [Chris Candler]

Verilator 3.671 2008-09-19


  • SystemC uint64_t pins are now the default instead of sc_bv<64>. Use –no-pins64 for backward compatibility.

  • Support SystemVerilog “cover property” statements.


  • When warnings are disabled on signals that are flattened out, disable the warnings on the signal(s) that replace it.

  • Add by-design and by-module subtotals to verilator_profcfunc.

  • Add IMPERFECTSCH warning, disabled by default.

  • Support coverage under SystemPerl 1.285 and newer.

  • Support arbitrary characters in identifiers. [Stephane Laurent]

  • Fix extra evaluation of pure combo blocks in SystemC output.

  • Fix stack overflow on large ? : trees. [John Sanguinetti]

Verilator 3.670 2008-07-23


  • Add –x-assign=fast option, and make it the default. This chooses performance over reset debugging. See the manual.

  • Add –autoflush, for flushing streams after $display. [Steve Tong]

  • Add CASEWITHX lint warning and if disabled fix handling of casez with Xs.


  • Add $feof, $fgetc, $fgets, $fflush, $fscanf, $sscanf. [Holger Waechtler]

  • Add $stime. [Holger Waechtler]

  • Add $random.

  • Add –Wfuture-, for improving forward compatibility.

  • Add WIDTH warning to $fopen etc file descriptors.

  • Fix verilator_includer not being installed properly. [Holger Waechtler]

  • Fix IMPURE errors due to X-assignment temporary variables. [Steve Tong]

  • Fix “lvalue” errors with public functions. (#25) [CY Wang]

Verilator 3.665 2008-06-25


  • Ignore “// verilator” comments alone on endif lines. [Rodney Sinclair]

  • “Make install” now installs verilator_includer and verilator_profcfunc.

  • Fix tracing missing changes on undriven public wires. [Rodney Sinclair]

  • Fix syntax error when “`include `defname” is ifdefed. [John Dickol]

  • Fix error when macro call has commas in concatenate. [John Dickol]

  • Fix compile errors under Fedora 9, GCC 4.3.0. [by Jeremy Bennett]

  • Fix Makefile to find headers/libraries under prefix. [by Holger Waechtler]

Verilator 3.664 2008-05-08


  • Fix missing file in kit.

Verilator 3.663 2008-05-07


  • Add DESTDIR to Makefiles to assist RPM construction. [Gunter Dannoritzer]

  • Fix compiler warnings under GCC 4.2.1.

  • Fix preprocessor `else after series of `elsif. [Mark Nodine]

  • Fix parameterized defines calling define with comma. [Joshua Wise]

  • Fix comma separated list of primitives. [by Bryan Brady]

Verilator 3.662 2008-04-25


  • Add Verilog 2005 $clog2() function. This is useful in calculating bus-widths from parameters.

  • Support C-style comments in -f option files. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Add error message when modules have duplicate names. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Support defines terminated in EOF, though against spec. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Support optional argument to $finish and $stop. [by Stefan Thiede]

  • Support ranges on gate primitive instantiations. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Ignore old standard(ish) Verilog-XL defines. [by Stefan Thiede]

  • Fix “always @ ((a) or (b))” syntax error. [by Niranjan Prabhu]

  • Fix “output reg name=expr;” syntax error. [Martin Scharrer]

  • Fix multiple .v files being read in random order. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Fix internal error when params get non-constants. [Johan Wouters]

  • Fix bug introduced in 3.661 with parameterized defines.

Verilator 3.661 2008-04-04


  • The –enable-defenv configure option added in 3.660 is now the default. This hard-codes a default for VERILATOR_ROOT etc in the executables.

  • Add –language option for supporting older code. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Add –top-module option to select between multiple tops. [Stefan Thiede]


  • Unsized concatenates now give WIDTHCONCAT warnings. [Jonathan Kimmitt] Previously they threw fatal errors, which in most cases is correct according to spec, but can be incorrect in presence of parameter values.

  • Support functions with “input integer”. [Johan Wouters]

  • Ignore delays attached to gate UDPs. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Fix SystemVerilog parameterized defines with `` expansion, and fix extra whitespace inserted on substitution. [Vladimir Matveyenko]

  • Fix no-module include files on command line. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Fix dropping of backslash quoted-quote at end of $display.

  • Fix task output pin connected to non-variables. [Jonathan Kimmitt]

  • Fix missing test_v in install datadir. [Holger Waechtler]

  • Fix internal error after MSB < LSB error reported to user. [Stefan Thiede]

Verilator 3.660 2008-03-23


  • Support hard-coding VERILATOR_ROOT etc in the executables, to enable easier use of Verilator RPMs. [Gunter Dannoritzer]

  • Allow multiple .v files on command line. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Convert re-defining macro error to warning. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Add –error-limit option. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Allow __ in cell names by quoting them in C. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Fix genvar to be signed, so “< 0” works properly. [Niranjan Prabhu]

  • Fix assignments to inputs inside functions/tasks. [Patricio Kaplan]

  • Fix definitions in main file.v, referenced in library. [Stefan Thiede]

  • Fix undefined assigns to be implicit warnings. [Stefan Thiede]

Verilator 3.658 2008-02-25


  • Fix unistd compile error in 3.657. [Patricio Kaplan, Jonathan Kimmitt]

Verilator 3.657 2008-02-20


  • Fix assignments of {a,b,c} = {c,b,a}. [Jonathan Kimmitt]

  • Fix Perl warning with –lint-only. [by Ding Xiaoliang]

  • Fix to avoid creating obj_dir with –lint-only. [Ding Xiaoliang]

  • Fix parsing of always @(*). [Patricio Kaplan]

Verilator 3.656 2008-01-18


  • Wide VL_CONST_W_#X functions are now made automatically. [Bernard Deadman] In such cases, a new {prefix}__Inlines.h file will be built and included.

  • Fix sign error when extracting from signed memory. [Peter Debacker]

  • Fix tracing of SystemC w/o SystemPerl. [Bernard Deadman, Johan Wouters]

Verilator 3.655 2007-11-27


  • Support “#delay <statement>;” with associated STMTDLY warning.

  • Fix generate for loops with constant zero conditions. [Rodney Sinclair]

  • Fix divide-by-zero errors in constant propagator. [Rodney Sinclair]

  • Fix wrong result with obscure signed-shift underneath a “? :”.

  • Fix many internal memory leaks, and added leak detector.

Verilator 3.654 2007-10-18


  • Don’t exit early if many warnings but no errors are found. [Stan Mayer]

  • Fix parsing module #(parameter x,y) declarations. [Oleg Rodionov]

  • Fix parsing system functions with empty parens. [Oleg Rodionov]

Verilator 3.653 2007-08-01


  • Support SystemVerilog ==? and !=? operators.

  • Fix SC_LIBS missing from generated makefiles. [Ding Xiaoliang]

Verilator 3.652 2007-06-21


  • Report as many warning types as possible before exiting.

  • Support V2K portlists with “input a,b,…”. [Mark Nodine]

  • Support V2K function/task argument lists.

  • Optimize constant $display arguments.

  • Fix preprocessor dropping some `line directives. [Mark Nodine]

Verilator 3.651 2007-05-22


  • Add verilator_profcfunc utility. [Gene Weber]


  • Treat modules within `celldefine and `endcelldefine as if in library.

  • Support functions which return integers. [Mark Nodine]

  • Warn if flex is not installed. [Ralf Karge]

  • Ignore `protect and `endprotect.

  • Fix empty case/endcase blocks.

Verilator 3.650 2007-04-20


  • Add –compiler msvc option. This is now required when Verilated code is to be run through MSVC++. This also enables fixing MSVC++ error C1061, blocks nested too deeply. [Ralf Karge]

  • Add –lint-only option, to lint without creating other output.


  • Add /verilator lint_save/ and /verilator lint_restore/ to allow friendly control over re-enabling lint messages. [Gerald Williams]

  • Support SystemVerilog .name and .* interconnect.

  • Support while and do-while loops.

  • Use $(LINK) instead of $(CXX) for Makefile link rules. [Gerald Williams]

  • Add USER_CPPFLAGS and USER_LDFLAGS to Makefiles. [Gerald Williams]

  • Fix compile errors under Windows MINGW compiler. [Gerald Williams]

  • Fix dotted bit reference to local memory. [Eugene Weber]

  • Fix 3.640 `verilog forcing IEEE 1364-1995 only. [David Hewson]

Verilator 3.640 2007-03-12


  • Support Verilog 2005 `begin_keywords and `end_keywords.

  • Updated list of SystemVerilog keywords to correspond to IEEE 1800-2005.

  • Add /verilator public_flat/. [Eugene Weber]

  • Try all +libext’s in the exact order given. [Michael Shinkarovsky]

  • Fix elimination of public signals assigned to constants. [Eugene Weber]

  • Fix internal error when public for loop has empty body. [David Addison]

  • Fix “Loops detected” assertion when model exceeds 4GB. [David Hewson]

  • Fix display %m names inside named blocks.

Verilator 3.633 2007-02-07


  • Add –trace-depth option for minimizing VCD file size. [Emerson Suguimoto]

  • With VL_DEBUG, show wires causing convergence errors. [Mike Shinkarovsky]

  • Fix isolate_assignments when many signals per always. [Mike Shinkarovsky]

  • Fix isolate_assignments across task/func temporaries. [Mike Shinkarovsky]

  • Fix $display’s with array select followed by wide AND. [David Hewson]

Verilator 3.632 2007-01-17


  • Add /verilator isolate_assignments/ attribute. [Mike Shinkarovsky]

Verilator 3.631 2007-01-02


  • Support standard NAME[#] for cells created by arraying or generate for. This replaces the non-standard name__# syntax used in earlier versions.


  • Fix again dotted references into generate cells. [David Hewson] Verilator no longer accepts duplicated variables inside unique generate blocks as this is illegal according to the specification.

  • Fix $readmem* with filenames < 8 characters. [Emerson Suguimoto]

Verilator 3.630 2006-12-19


  • Support $readmemb and $readmemh. [Eugene Weber, Arthur Kahlich]


  • When dotted signal lookup fails, help the user by showing known scopes.

  • Fix to reduce depth of priority encoded case statements. [Eugene Weber]

  • Fix configure and compiling under Solaris. [Bob Farrell]

  • Fix dotted references inside generated cells. [David Hewson]

  • Fix missed split optimization points underneath other re-split blocks.

Verilator 3.623 2006-12-05


  • Add –output-split-cfuncs for accelerating GCC compile. [Eugene Weber]


  • Add M32 make variable to support -m32 compiles. [Eugene Weber]

  • Fix $signed mis-extending when input has a WIDTH violation. [Eugene Weber]

Verilator 3.622 2006-10-17 Stable


  • Fix –skip-identical without –debug, broken in 3.621. [Andy Meier]

Verilator 3.621 2006-10-11 Beta


  • Add /verilator no_inline_task/ to prevent over-expansion. [Eugene Weber]


  • Public functions now allow > 64 bit arguments.

  • Remove .vpp intermediate files when not under –debug.

  • Fix link error when using –exe with –trace. [Eugene Weber]

  • Fix mis-optimization of wide concats with constants.

  • Fix core dump on printing error when not under –debug. [Allan Cochrane]

Verilator 3.620 2006-10-04 Stable


  • Support simple inout task ports. [Eugene Weber]

  • Allow overriding Perl, Flex and Bison versions. [by Robert Farrell]

  • Optimize variables set to constants within basic blocks for ~3%.

  • Default make no longer makes the docs; if you edit the documentation. sources, run “make info” to get them.

  • Optimize additional Boolean identities (a|a = a, etc.)

  • Fix coredump when dotted cross-ref inside task call. [Eugene Weber]

  • Fix dotted variables in always sensitivity lists. [Allan Cochrane]

Verilator 3.610 2006-09-20 Stable


  • Verilator now works under DJGPP (Pentium GCC). [John Stroebel]

  • Add default define for VL_PRINTF. [John Stroebel]

  • Removed coverage request variable; see Coverage limitations in docs.

  • Fix DOS carriage returns in multiline defines. [Ralf Karge]

  • Fix printf format warnings on 64-bit linux.

Verilator 3.602 2006-09-11 Stable


  • Fix function references under top inlined module. [David Hewson]

Verilator 3.601 2006-09-06 Beta


  • Add –inhibit-sim flag for environments using old __Vm_inhibitSim.

  • Add `systemc_dtor for destructor extensions. [Allan Cochrane]

  • Add -MP to make phony dependencies, ala GCC’s.


  • Changed how internal functions are invoked to reduce aliasing. Useful when using GCC’s -O2 or -fstrict-aliasing, to gain another ~4%.

  • Declare optimized lookup tables as ‘static’, to reduce D-Cache miss rate.

  • Fix memory leak when destroying modules. [John Stroebel]

  • Fix coredump when unused modules have unused cells. [David Hewson]

  • Fix 3.600 internal error with arrayed instances. [David Hewson]

  • Fix 3.600 internal error with non-unrolled function loops. [David Hewson]

  • Fix $display %m name not matching Verilog name inside SystemC modules.

Verilator 3.600 2006-08-28 Beta


  • Support dotted cross-hierarchy variable and task references.


  • Lint for x’s in generate case statements.

  • Fix line numbers being off by one when first file starts with newline.

  • Fix naming of generate for blocks to prevent non-inline name conflict.

  • Fix redundant statements remaining after table optimization.

Verilator 3.542 2006-08-11 Stable


  • vl_finish and vl_fatal now print via VL_PRINTF rather then cerr/cout.

  • Fix extraneous UNSIGNED warning when comparing genvars. [David Hewson]

  • Fix extra white space in $display %c. [by David Addison]

  • Fix missing VL_CONST_W_24X macro. [Bernard Deadman]

Verilator 3.541 2006-07-05 Beta


  • Add warning on changeDetect to arrayed structures. [David Hewson]

  • Fix “// verilator lint_on” not re-enabling warnings. [David Hewson]

  • Fix 3.540’s multiple memory assignments to same block. [David Hewson]

  • Fix non-zero start number for arrayed instantiations. [Jae Hossell]

  • Fix GCC 4.0 header file warnings.

Verilator 3.540 2006-06-27 Beta


  • Optimize combo assignments that are used only once, ~5-25% faster.

  • Optimize delayed assignments to memories inside loops, ~0-5% faster.

  • Fix mis-width warning on bit selects of memories. [David Hewson]

  • Fix mis-width warning on dead generate-if branches. [Jae Hossell]

Verilator 3.533 2006-06-05 Stable


  • Add PDF user manual, verilator.pdf.

  • Fix delayed bit-selected arrayed assignments. [David Hewson]

  • Fix execution path to Perl. [Shanshan Xu]

  • Fix Bison compile errors in verilog.y. [by Ben Jackson]

Verilator 3.531 2006-05-10 Stable


  • Support $c routines which return 64 bit values.

  • Fix `include `DEFINE.

  • Fix Verilator core dump when have empty public function. [David.Hewson]

Verilator 3.530 2006-04-24 Stable


  • $time is now 64 bits. The macro VL_TIME_I is now VL_TIME_Q, but calls the same sc_time_stamp() function to get the current time.

Verilator 3.523 2006-03-06 Stable


  • Fix error line numbers being off due to multi-line defines. [Mat Zeno]

  • Fix GCC sign extending (uint64_t)(a<b). [David Hewson]

  • Fix `systemc_imp_header “undefined macro” error.

Verilator 3.522 2006-02-23 Beta


  • Add UNUSED error message, for forward compatibility.

Verilator 3.521 2006-02-14 Beta


  • Create new –coverage-line and –coverage-user options. [Peter Holmes]


  • Add SystemVerilog ‘x,’z,’0,’1, and new string literals.

  • Fix public module’s parent still getting inlined.

Verilator 3.520 2006-01-14 Stable


  • Support $fopen, $fclose, $fwrite, $fdisplay. See documentation, as the file descriptors differ from the standard.

Verilator 3.510 2005-12-17 Stable


  • Improve trace-on performance on large multi-clock designs by 2x or more. This adds a small ~2% performance penalty if traces are compiled in, but not turned on. For best non-tracing performance, do not use –trace.


  • Fix $’s in specify delays causing bad PLI errors. [Mat Zeno]

  • Fix public functions not setting up proper symbol table. [Mat Zeno]

  • Fix genvars generating trace compile errors. [Mat Zeno]

  • Fix VL_MULS_WWW compile error with MSVC++. [Wim Michiels]

Verilator 3.502 2005-11-30 Stable


  • Fix local non-IO variables in public functions and tasks.

  • Fix bad lifetime optimization when same signal is assigned multiple times in both branch of an if. [Danny Ding]

Verilator 3.501 2005-11-16 Stable


  • Add –prof-cfuncs for correlating profiles back to Verilog.


  • Fix functions where regs are declared before inputs. [Danny Ding]

  • Fix bad deep expressions with bit-selects and rotate. [Prabhat Gupta]

Verilator 3.500 2005-10-30 Stable


  • Support signed numbers, >>>, $signed, $unsigned. [MANY!]

  • Support multi-dimensional arrays. [Eugen Fekete]

  • Support very limited Property Specification Language (aka PSL or Sugar). The format and keywords are now very limited, but will grow with future releases. The –assert switch enables this feature.

  • With –assert, generate assertions for synthesis parallel_case and full_case.


  • Fix generate if’s with empty if/else blocks. [Mat Zeno]

  • Fix generate for cell instantiations with same name. [Mat Zeno]

Verilator 3.481 2005-10-12 Stable


  • Add /verilator tracing_on/off/ for waveform control.

  • Fix split optimization reordering $display statements.

Verilator 3.480 2005-09-27 Beta


  • Allow coverage of flattened modules, and multiple points per line. Coverage analysis requires SystemPerl 1.230 or newer.


  • Add preprocessor changes to support meta-comments.

  • Optimize sequential assignments of different bits of same bus; ~5% faster.

  • Optimize away duplicate lookup tables.

  • Optimize wide concatenates into individual words. [Ralf Karge]

  • Optimize local variables from delayed array assignments.

Verilator 3.470 2005-09-06 Stable


  • Optimize staging flops under reset blocks.

  • Add ‘-Werror-…’ to upgrade specific warnings to errors.

  • Add GCC branch prediction hints on generated if statements.

  • Fix bad simulation when same function called twice in same expression.

  • Fix preprocessor substitution of quoted parameterized defines.

Verilator 3.464 2005-08-24 Stable


  • Add `systemc_imp_header, for use when using –output-split.

  • Add –stats option to dump design statistics.


  • Fix core dump with clock inversion optimizations.

Verilator 3.463 2005-08-05 Stable


  • Fix case defaults when not last statement in case list. [Wim Michiels]

Verilator 3.462 2005-08-03 Stable


  • Fix reordering of delayed assignments to same memory index. [Wim Michiels]

  • Fix compile error with Flex 2.5.1. [Jens Arm]

  • Fix multiply-instantiated public tasks generating non-compilable code.

Verilator 3.461 2005-07-28 Beta


  • Fix compile error with older versions of bison. [Jeff Dutton]

Verilator 3.460 2005-07-27 Beta


  • Add -output-split option to enable faster parallel GCC compiles. To support –output-split, the makefiles now split VM_CLASSES into VM_CLASSES_FAST and VM_CLASSES_SLOW. This may require a change to local makefiles.

  • Support -v argument to read library files.


  • When issuing unoptimizable warning, show an example path.

  • Internal tree dumps now indicate edit number that changed the node.

  • Fix false warning when a clock is constant.

  • Fix X/Z in decimal numbers. [Wim Michiels]

  • Fix genvar statements in non-named generate blocks.

  • Fix core dump when missing newline in `define. [David van der Bokke]

Verilator 3.450 2005-07-12


  • $finish will no longer exit, but set Verilated::gotFinish(). This enables support for final statements, and for other cleanup code. If this is undesired, redefine the vl_user_finish routine. Top level loops should use Verilated::gotFinish() as an exit condition for their loop, and then call top->final(). To prevent an infinite loop, a double $finish will still exit; this may be removed in future releases.

  • Support SystemVerilog keywords $bits, $countones, $isunknown, $onehot, $onehot0, always_comb, always_ff, always_latch, finish.


  • Fix “=== 1’bx” to always be false, instead of random.

Verilator 3.440 2005-06-28 Stable


  • Add Verilog 2001 generate for/if/case statements.

Verilator 3.431 2005-06-24 Stable


  • Fix selection bugs introduced in 3.430 beta.

Verilator 3.430 2005-06-22 Beta


  • Add Verilog 2001 variable part selects [n+:m] and [n-:m]. [Wim Michiels]

Verilator 3.422 2005-06-10 Stable


  • Add Verilog 2001 power (**) operator. [Danny Ding]

  • Fix crash and added error message when assigning to inputs. [Ralf Karge]

  • Fix tracing of modules with public functions.

Verilator 3.421 2005-06-02 Beta


  • Fix error about reserved word on non-public signals.

  • Fix missing initialization compile errors in 3.420 beta. [Ralf Karge]

Verilator 3.420 2005-06-02 Beta


  • Performance improvements worth ~20%

  • Add -x-assign options; ~5% faster if use -x-assign=0.

  • Add error message when multiple defaults in case statement.

  • Optimize shifts out of conditionals and if statements.

  • Optimize local ‘short’ wires.

  • Fix case defaults when not last statement in case list. [Ralf Karge]

  • Fix crash when wire self-assigns x=x.

  • Fix gate optimization with top-flattened modules. [Mahesh Kumashikar]

Verilator 3.411 2005-05-30 Stable


  • Fix compile error in GCC 2.96. [Jeff Dutton]

Verilator 3.410 2005-05-25 Beta


  • Allow functions and tasks to be declared public. They will become public C++ functions, with appropriate C++ types. This allows users to make public accessor functions/tasks, instead of having to use public variables and `systemc_header hacks.


  • Skip producing output files if all inputs are identical This uses timestamps, similar to make. Disable with –no-skip-identical.

  • Improved compile performance with large case statements.

  • Fix internal error in V3Table. [Jeff Dutton]

  • Fix compile error in GCC 2.96, and with SystemC 1.2. [Jeff Dutton]

Verilator 3.400 2005-04-29 Beta


  • Internal changes to support future clocking features.

  • Verilog-Perl and SystemPerl are no longer required for C++ or SystemC output. If you want tracing or coverage analysis, they are still needed.

  • Add –sc to create pure SystemC output not requiring SystemPerl.

  • Add –pins64 to create 64 bit SystemC outputs instead of sc_bv<64>.

  • The –exe flag is now required to produce executables inside the makefile. This was previously the case any time .cpp files were passed on the command line.

  • Add -O3 and –inline-mult for performance tuning. [Ralf Karge] One experiment regained 5% performance, at a cost of 300% in compile time.


  • Improved performance of large case/always statements with low fanin by converting to internal lookup tables (ROMs).

  • Initialize SystemC port names. [S Shuba]

  • Add Doxygen comments to Verilated includes.

  • Fix -cc pins 8 bits wide and less to be uint8_t instead of uint16_t.

  • Fix crash when Mdir has same name as .v file. [Gernot Koch]

  • Fix crash with size mismatches on case items. [Gernot Koch]

Verilator 3.340 2005-02-18 Stable


  • Report misconnected pins across all modules, instead of just first error.

  • Improved large netlist compile times.

  • Fix over-active inlining, resulting in compile slowness.

Verilator 3.332 2005-01-27


  • Add -E preprocess only flag, similar to GCC.

  • Add CMPCONSTLR when comparison is constant due to > or < with all ones.


  • Fix loss of first -f file argument, introduced in 3.331.

Verilator 3.331 2005-01-18


  • The Verilog::Perl preprocessor is now C++ code inside of Verilator. This improves performance, makes compilation easier, and enables some future features.


  • Support arrays of instantiations (non-primitives only). [Wim Michiels]

  • Fix unlinked error with defparam. [Shawn Wang]

Verilator 3.320 2004-12-10


  • NEWS is now renamed Changes, to support CPAN indexing.

  • If Verilator is passed a C file, create a makefile link rule. This saves several user steps when compiling small projects.


  • Add new COMBDLY warning in place of fatal error. [Shawn Wang]

  • Fix mis-simulation with wide-arrays under bit selects. [Ralf Karge]

  • Add NC Verilog as alternative to VCS for reference tests.

  • Support implicit wire declarations on input-only signals. (Dangerous, as leads to wires without drivers, but allowed by spec.)

  • Fix compile warnings on Suse 9.1

Verilator 3.311 2004-11-29


  • Support implicit wire declarations (as a warning). [Shawn Wang]


  • Fix over-shift difference in Verilog vs C++. [Ralf Karge]

Verilator 3.310 2004-11-15


  • Support defparam.

  • Support gate primitives: buf, not, and, nand, or, nor, xor, xnor.


  • Ignore all specify blocks.

Verilator 3.302 2004-11-12


  • Support NAND and NOR operators.

  • Better warnings when port widths don’t match.

  • Fix internal error due to some port width mismatches. [Ralf Karge]

  • Fix WIDTH warnings on modules that are only used parameterized, not in ‘default’ state.

  • Fix selection of SystemC library on cygwin systems. [Shawn Wang]

  • Fix runtime bit-selection of parameter constants.

Verilator 3.301 2004-11-04


  • Fix 64 bit [31:0] = {#{}} mis-simulation. [Ralf Karge]

  • Fix shifts greater then word width mis-simulation. [Ralf Karge]

  • Fix to work around GCC 2.96 negation bug.

Verilator 3.300 2004-10-21


  • New backend that eliminates most VL macros. Improves performance 20%-50%, depending on frequency of use of signals over 64 bits. GCC compile times with -O2 shrink by a factor of 10.


  • Fix “setting unsigned int from signed value” warning.

Verilator 3.271 2004-10-21


  • Fix “loops detected” error with some negedge clocks.

  • Fix some output code spacing issues.

Verilator 3.270 2004-10-15


  • Support Verilog 2001 parameters in module headers. [Ralf Karge]

  • Faster code to support compilers not inlining all Verilated functions.

  • Fix numeric fault when dividing by zero.

Verilator 3.260 2004-10-07


  • Support Verilog 2001 named parameter instantiation. [Ralf Karge]


  • Return 1’s when one bit wide extract indexes outside array bounds.

  • Fix compile warnings on 64-bit operating systems.

  • Fix incorrect dependency in .d file when setting VERILATOR_BIN.

Verilator 3.251 2004-09-09


  • Fix parenthesis overflow in Microsoft Visual C++ [Renga Sundararajan]

Verilator 3.250 2004-08-30


  • Support Microsoft Visual C++ [Renga Sundararajan]


  • SystemPerl 1.161+ is required.

Verilator 3.241 2004-08-17


  • Support ,’s to separate multiple assignments. [Paul Nitza]

  • Fix shift sign extension problem using non-GCC compilers.

Verilator 3.240 2004-08-13


  • Verilator now uses 64 bit math where appropriate. Inputs and outputs of 33-64 bits wide to the C++ Verilated model must now be uint64_t’s; SystemC has not changed, they will remain sc_bv’s. This increases performance by ~ 9% on x86 machines, varying with how frequently 33-64 bit signals occur. Signals 9-16 bits wide are now stored as 16 bit shorts instead of longs, this aids cache packing.


  • Fix SystemC compile error with feedthrus. [Paul Nitza]

  • Fix concat value error introduced in 3.230.

Verilator 3.230 2004-08-10


  • Add coverage output to test_sp example, SystemPerl 1.160+ is required.

  • Fix time 0 value of signals. [Hans Van Antwerpen] Earlier versions would not evaluate some combinatorial signals until posedge/negedge blocks had been activated.

  • Fix wide constant inputs to public submodules [Hans Van Antwerpen]

  • Fix wide signal width extension bug. Only applies when width mismatch warnings were overridden.

Verilator 3.220 2004-06-22


  • Many waveform tracing changes:

  • Tracing is now supported on C++ standalone simulations. [John Brownlee]


  • When tracing, SystemPerl 1.150 or newer is required.

  • When tracing, Verilator must be called with the –trace switch.

  • Add SystemPerl example to documentation. [John Brownlee]

  • Various Cygwin compilation fixes. [John Brownlee]

Verilator 3.210 2004-04-01


  • Compiler optimization switches have changed See the BENCHMARKING section of the documentation.

  • With Verilog-Perl 2.3 or newer, Verilator supports SystemVerilog preprocessor extensions.


  • Add localparam. [Thomas Hawkins]

  • Add warnings for SystemVerilog reserved words.

Verilator 3.203 2004-03-10


  • Notes and repairs for Solaris. [Fred Ma]

Verilator 3.202 2004-01-27


  • The beta version is now the primary release. See below for many changes. If you have many problems, you may wish to try release 3.125.

  • Verilated::traceEverOn(true) must be called at time 0 if you will ever turn on tracing (waveform dumping) of signals. Future versions will need this switch to disable trace incompatible optimizations.


  • Optimize common replication operations.

  • Fix several tracing bugs

Verilator 3.201-beta 2003-12-10


  • BETA VERSION, USE 3.124 for stable release!

  • Version 3.2XX includes an all new back-end. This includes automatic inlining, flattening of signals between hierarchy, and complete ordering of statements. This results in 60-300% execution speedups, though less pretty C++ output. Even better results are possible using GCC 3.2.2 (part of Redhat 9.1), as GCC has fixed some optimization problems which Verilator exposes.

    If you are using `systemc_ctor, beware pointers to submodules are now initialized after the constructor is called for a module, to avoid segfaults, move statements that reference subcells into initial statements.

  • C++ Constructor that creates a verilog module may take a char* name. This name will be used to prefix any $display %m arguments, so users may distinguish between multiple Verilated modules in a single executable.

Verilator 3.125 2004-01-27


  • Optimize bit replications

Verilator 3.124 2003-12-05


  • An optimized executable will be made by default, in addition to a debug executable. Invoking Verilator with –debug will pick the debug version.


  • Many minor invisible changes to support the next version.

Verilator 3.123 2003-11-10


  • Wide bus performance enhancements.

  • Fix function call bug when width warning suppressed. [Leon Wildman]

  • Fix __DOT__ compile problem with funcs in last revision. [Leon Wildman]

Verilator 3.122 2003-10-29


  • Modules which are accessed from external code now must be marked with /verilator public_module/ unless they already contain public signals. To enforce this, private cell names now have a string prepended.


  • Fix replicated function calls in one statement. [Robert A. Clark]

  • Fix function call bug when width warning suppressed. [Leon Wildman]

Verilator 3.121 2003-09-29


  • Support multiplication over 32 bits. [Chris Boumenot] Also improved speed of addition and subtraction over 32 bits.

  • Detect bit selection out of range errors.

  • Detect integer width errors.

  • Fix width problems on function arguments. [Robert A. Clark]

Verilator 3.120 2003-09-24


  • $finish now exits the model (via vl_finish function).

  • Support inputs/outputs in tasks.

  • Support V2K “integer int = {INITIAL_VALUE};”

  • Ignore floating point delay values. [Robert A. Clark]

  • Ignore `celldefine, `endcelldefine, etc. [Robert A. Clark]

  • Optimize reduction operators.

  • Fix converting “ooo” into octal values.

  • Fix $display(“%x”);

Verilator 3.112 2003-09-16


  • Fix functions in continuous assignments. [Robert A. Clark]

  • Fix inlining of modules with 2-level deep outputs.

Verilator 3.111 2003-09-15


  • Fix declaration of functions before using that module. [Robert A. Clark]

  • Fix module inlining bug with outputs.

Verilator 3.110 2003-09-12


  • Support Verilog 2001 style input/output declarations. [Robert A. Clark]

  • Support local vars in headers of function/tasks. [Leon Wildman]

Verilator 3.109 2003-08-28


  • Support local variables in named begin blocks. [Leon Wildman]

Verilator 3.108 2003-08-11


  • Support functions.


  • Signals 8 bits and shorter are now stored as chars instead of uint32_t’s. This improves Dcache packing and improves performance by ~7%.

  • $display now usually results in a single VL_PRINT rather then many.

  • Optimize conditionals (?:)

Verilator 3.107 2003-07-15


  • –private and –l2name are now the default, as this enables additional optimizations. Use –noprivate or –nol2name to get the older behavior.


  • Now support $display of binary and wide format data.

  • Add detection of incomplete case statements, and added related optimizations worth ~4%.

  • Work around flex bug in Redhat 8.0. [Eugene Weber]

  • Add some additional C++ reserved words.

  • Additional constant optimizations, ~5% speed improvement.

Verilator 3.106 2003-06-17


  • $c can now take multiple expressions as arguments. For example $c(“foo”,”bar(“,32+1,”);”) will insert “foobar(33);” This makes it easier to pass the values of signals.

  • Several changes to support future versions that may have signal-eliminating optimizations. Users should try to use these switch on designs, they will become the default in later versions.

  • Add –private switch and /verilator public/ metacomment. This renames all signals so that compile errors will result if any signals referenced by C++ code are missing a /verilator public/ metacomment.

  • With –l2name, the second level cell C++ cell is now named “v”. Previously it was named based on the name of the verilog code. This means to get to signals, scope to “{topcell} ->v ->{mysignal}” instead of “{topcell} ->{verilogmod}. {mysignal}”. This allows different modules to be substituted for the cell without requiring source changes.


  • Several cleanups for Redhat 8.0.

Verilator 3.105 2003-05-08


  • Fix more GCC 3.2 errors. [David Black]

Verilator 3.104 2003-04-30


  • Indicate direction of ports with VL_IN and VL_OUT.

  • Allow $c32, etc, to specify width of the $c statement for VCS.

  • Numerous performance improvements, worth about 25%


  • Fix false “indent underflow” error inside `systemc_ctor sections.

  • Fix missing ordering optimizations when outputs also used internally.

  • Assign constant cell pins in initial blocks rather then every cycle.

  • Promote subcell’s combo logic to sequential evaluation when possible.

  • Fix GCC 3.2 compile errors. [Narayan Bhagavatula]

Verilator 3.103 2003-01-28


  • Fix missing model evaluation when clock generated several levels of hierarchy across from where it is used as a clock. [Richard Myers]

  • Fix sign-extension bug introduced in 3.102.

Verilator 3.102 2003-01-24


  • Fix sign-extension of X/Z’s (“32’hx”)

Verilator 3.101 2003-01-13


  • Fix ‘parameter FOO=#’bXXXX’ [Richard Myers]

  • Allow spaces inside numbers (“32’h 1234”) [Sam Gladstone]

Verilator 3.100 2002-12-23


  • Support for simple tasks w/o vars or I/O. [Richard Myers]


  • Ignore DOS carriage returns in Linux files. [Richard Myers]

Verilator 3.012 2002-12-18


  • Fix parsing bug with casex statements containing case items with bit extracts of parameters. [Richard Myers]

  • Fix bug which could cause writes of non-power-of-2 sized arrays to corrupt memory beyond the size of the array. [Dan Lussier]

  • Fix bug which did not detect UNOPT problems caused by submodules. See the description in the verilator man page. [John Deroo]

  • Fix compile with threaded Perl. [Ami Keren]

Verilator 3.010 2002-11-03


  • Support SystemC 2.0.1. SystemPerl version 1.130 or newer is required.


  • Fix bug with inlined modules under other inlined modules. [Scott Bleiweiss]

Verilator 3.005 2002-10-21


  • Fix X’s in case (not casex/z) to constant propagate correctly.

  • Fix missing include. [Kurachi]

Verilator 3.004 2002-10-10


  • Add module_inline metacomment and associated optimizations.

  • Allow coverage_block_off metacomment in place of `coverage_block_off. This prevents problems with Emacs AUTORESET. [Ray Strouble]

  • Fix `coverage_block_off also disabling subsequent blocks.

  • Fix unrolling of loops with multiple simple statements.

  • Fix compile warnings on newer GCC. [Kurachi]

  • Additional concatenation optimizations.

Verilator 3.003 2002-09-13


  • Now compiles on Windows 2000 with Cygwin.

  • Fix bug with pin assignments to wide memories.

  • Optimize wire assignments to constants.

Verilator 3.002 2002-08-19


  • First public release of version 3.

Verilator 3.000 2002-08-03


  • All new code base. Many changes too numerous to mention.


  • Approximately 4 times faster then Verilator 2.

  • Support initial statements

  • Support correct blocking/nonblocking assignments

  • Support `defines across multiple modules

  • Optimize call ordering, constant propagation, and dead code elimination.

Verilator 2.1.8 2002-04-03


  • All applications must now link against include/verilated.cpp


  • Paths specified to verilator_make should be absolute, or be formed to allow for execution in the object directory (prepend ../ to each path.) This allows relative filenames for makes which hash and cache dependencies.

  • Add warning when parameter constants are too large. [John Deroo]

  • Add warning when x/?’s used in non-casez statements.

  • Add warning when blocking assignments used in posedge blocks. [Dan Lussier]

  • Split evaluation function into clocked and non-clocked, 20% perf gain.

Verilator 2.1.5 2001-12-01


  • Add coverage analysis. In conjunction with SystemC provide line coverage reports, without SystemC, provide a hook to user written accumulation function. See –coverage option of verilator_make.


  • Relaxed multiply range checking

  • Support for constants up to 128 bits

  • Randomize values used when assigning to X’s.

  • Add -guard option of internal testing.

  • Changed indentation in emitted code to be automatically generated.

  • Fix corruption of assignments of signal over 32 bits with non-0 lsb.

Verilator 2.1.4 2001-11-16


  • Add $c(“c_commands();”); for embedding arbitrary C code in Verilog.

Verilator 2.1.3 2001-11-03


  • Support for parameters.

Verilator 2.1.2 2001-10-25


  • Verilog Errors now reference the .v file rather then the .vpp file.


  • Support strings in assignments: reg [31:0] foo = “STRG”;

  • Support %m in format strings. Ripped out old $info support, use Verilog-Perl’s vpm program instead.

  • Convert $stop to call of v_stop() which user can define.

  • Fix bug where a==b==c would have wrong precedence rule.

  • Fix bug where XNOR on odd-bit-widths (~^ or ^~) had bad value.

Verilator 2.1.1 2001-05-17


  • New test_sp directory for System-Perl (SystemC) top level instantiation of the Verilated code, lower modules are still C++ code. (Experimental).

  • New test_spp directory for Pure System-Perl (SystemC) where every module is true SystemC code. (Experimental)


  • Input ports are now loaded by pointer reference into the sub-cell. This is faster on I-386 machines, as the stack must be used when there are a large number of parameters. Also, this simplifies debugging as the value of input ports exists for tracing.

  • Many code cleanups towards standard C++ style conventions.

Verilator 2.1.0 2001-05-08


  • Many code cleanups towards standard C++ style conventions.

Version history lost

Verilator 1.8 1996-07-08

[Versions 0 to 1.8 were by Paul Wasson] * Fix single bit in concat from instance output incorrect offset bug.

Verilator 1.7 1996-05-20

  • Mask unused bits of DONTCAREs.

Verilator 1.6 1996-05-13

  • Add fasttrace script

Verilator 1.5 1996-01-09

  • Pass structure pointer into translated code, so multiple instances can use same functions.

  • Fix static value concat on casex items.

Verilator 1.1 1995-03-30

  • Bug fixes, added verimake_partial script, performance improvements.

Verilator 1.0c 1994-09-30

  • Initial release of Verilator

Verilator 0.0 1994-07-08

  • First code written.