Introduction to SVN-S4

Written by Bryce Denney and Wilson Snyder <>.

S4 is no longer being supported. It was written at SiCortex, then used at Marvell through 2020 at which point all active projects moved to git.

The SVN::S4 package provides additional utilities for the Subversion Revision Control System.

Command Line Features

  1. "s4 add" performs a normal subversion add, then do a "s4 fixprop" on all of the new files.
  2. "s4 checkout" is extended if the top directory that you check out contains a file called Project.viewspec. If Project.viewspec is present, s4 allows you to create a "view" composed of subversion directories from different areas of the same repository, automatically. This uses SVN externals, but the user does not need to know how the externals tree is constructed, and can then deal with the "view" as if it was the real layout of the repository.
  3. "s4 snapshot" generates a compact patch file that describes how to reproduce a svn working copy exactly.
  4. "s4 scrub" turns a "used" source tree into a pristine one, as efficiently as it can. This equivelent to, but much faster than a "rm -rf" followed by svn checkout.
  5. "s4 update" is extended to support views, as with "s4 checkout".